Encyclopedias Britannica or World Book 1987 Editions

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  • binadub

    Does anyone have or know of anyone who has the 1987 editions of either of these encyclopedias?

    Information is needed from them that was quoted in the Watchtower.

    If anyone has such (they're almost impossible to find), I'll arrange to communicate via email.

    Thanks. (I also posted this on the Friends forum.)


  • jwfacts

    I have a more modern version of the Britannica on dvd. Some of the articles do not change too much, so if there are some specific quotes you need to verify I can check if it is stil in the version I have.

  • binadub

    No, they need the exact information that the Watchtower quoted, which was the 1987 edition.

    Even if the current edition would have the same information repeated, they need to extract it from that edition.

    But thanks very much for the kind offer.


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