First "Apostate" Thing I've Done

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  • zoiks

    Read Randy Watters' story on Freeminds dot org.

  • Lozhasleft

    Googled 'Ex JWs'...

    Loz x

  • IronHill

    Googled Jehovah's Witnesses and spent the day nervously reading all of the "evil" apostate websites I found.

  • Titus
  • JediMaster
    Started lurking then posting on this site ......

    Ditto Jedi Master

  • undercover

    I guess "googling" JWs and destruction of Jerusalem would be the first step...

    Then lurking here. Then posting.

    Beyond that, I guess it depends on the definition of "acting apostate". Does it just include actual actions meant to disparage the WTS? If that's the case, I met with a JW co-worker who was DFd and confused. He was thinking of going back, but I met him in a bar and we stayed till closing and I told him everything I had learned and urged him to do his own research before going back.

    But to me, 'acting apostate' doesn't have to include covert operations against the WTS. It can include just behaving in a way that you find perfectly acceptable but would get you in trouble if found out by elders.

    Some early things I did to establish my freedom of choice: smoked a joint, went to strip clubs, got drunk (not just tipsy, I mean falling down, can't remember what happened drunk, ala "The Hangover movie") While those things did nothing to try to show others the error of the WTS, it did help me to see that I didn't have to abide by some code as prescribed by the organization. It was flaunting their rules and their codes. I would do what I damn well pleased. This can send a message to people who know you. They see that you don't have fear and are your own person, which can give them pause when they try to 'counsel' you or 'correct' you.

  • WTWizard

    I searched for apostate web sites on purpose and read them. Then I went to Answerbag, found some of the witlesses' questions, and answered them according to my own experiences along with what I found on the apostate web sites. Of course, quite a few active witlesses disagreed--turns out that they were only repeating what they were programmed to.

    One question had to do with the music they listen to. I started the question about music, and then provided a couple of answers. The first was "They do claim it's acceptable to listen to other music. However, they find stupid reasons why every song is bad, and they will trip you with guilt until you are reduced to Kingdumb maladies." One witless answered that he listened to Bruce Springsteen--which I find laughable, since "Born In the USA" has several cuts that they didn't want me listening to. I'm sure he listed that just so he could create the illusion that the witlesses listen to real music. I replied "When I had Born in the USA, they told me that each of the songs was bad. Some were hinting at immorality (Dancing in the Dark, I'm Going Down, I'm On Fire). Some were patriotic (Born In the USA, Glory Days, My Hometown). And the others were therefore suspicious." They didn't like that.

    After that, I joined a proper apostate forum and posted there. And then came here.

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