Dedication of JW Buildings

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  • Incognito

    Hi All,

    I have seen Witnesses make a big deal over attending a Dedication ceremony at a new Kingdom Hall, Assembly Hall or Bethel Branch. I have attended a few myself. As a witness, I had always understood that this ceremony is to dedicate the building's use to the worship of Jehovah by 'True Christians'. This Dedication is in effect, a gift and promise to Jehovah. Perhaps my understanding of the Dedication is incorrect.

    It is becoming a frequent occurrence that WT & JW buildings are being sold, to be used for other purposes. It seems not much consideration is given to its dedicated purpose as often, buildings are being sold to other religions to be used as a place of worship. Since all religion other than JW's is considered false religion, doesn't such use go against the dedication of the building to Jehovah?

    Does the building's Dedication have no meaning whatsoever?

    JW's might say that they have outgrown the building or it no longer meets their needs and that it's just a building with no 'Holy' status. Although I agree that bricks, wood and glass has little importance, it's the Dedication ceremony that has significance as in effect, it transferred ownership to God as God's house. What right then does any man have to sell the property? Is Dedication considered conditional?

    When you or I learned new information showing the WT is not God's organization and the teachings are not the 'Truth" (the JW religion no longer meets our needs), if we stop attending or pursue other interests, we are punished for going against our Baptism (outward show of Dedication to God). It is held against us for not keeping our promise to God as we're expected to forever follow WT dictates as God's commands, no matter what we learn or believe.

    Has anyone else considered this? What are your thoughts?

    Does anyone find it ironic that a JW, past or present, who may have participated in building a Kingdom Hall, might be taken to task over only being seen entering it or for providing a service to it (ie: repairing the roof, exterior painting, grounds keeping) if the same building's use is a house of worship by anyone other than JW's?

  • Incognito

    Hi Everyone,

    Perhaps this post was missed on a heavy posting day.

    I look forward to your feedback and views.


  • shopaholic

    Does the building's Dedication have no meaning whatsoever? I believe the dedication is null and void when they sell the building to someone other than JWs. At that point it is considered dedicated to Satan and his system of things.

    There is an assembly hall in the midwest that is now used by a big church. They do tv broadcasts and plays and everything. Actually they bought the entire block and opened a Xtian bookstore among other things. Witnesses would make little nasty remarks whenever we drove by the place. In their eyses it went from a place of "life" to a place of "death".

  • OnTheWayOut

    The WTS and the individual congregations cannot refuse to sell a building to certain groups as that would be discrimination. But since their Kingdom Halls are primarily valuable to religious groups, I would think they should tear them down when they are ready to build a better place either in the same location or someplace new. If they must sell, then they could sell the empty lot.

    I mean, if Jehovah's blessings are on the organization, He will finance it. That way, the building dedicated to Jehovah was never again used in an "unworthy" way.

  • Incognito
    shopaholic said: In their eyses it went from a place of "life" to a place of "death".

    In our area, we've heard some JWs call such places 'a goat's pen', ie: where the Goats are kept. So much for 'Love your Enemies'.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I realize they are only buildings but I was lead to believe that Dedication was a forever promise. That's what were are told, even if we find factual evidence that proves the WT/JWs are not the 'Truth'.

    If such building dedications are conditional on who owns the building, what really is the point of the Dedication Ceremony? Isn't it a given that any Kingdom Hall, Assembly Hall, or Bethel building is to be used for God's service, as long as the WT/JWs own it?

    We were told that a rented stadium or school was to be viewed equivalent to a KH for the time that the assembly or convention was being held. No Dedication service was necessary at the start of any assembly.

    As a long term 'Fader', I'm not attempting to argue the matter but only wish to raise a point of discussion.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Dedication was forever

    Well, if you are going to go there...

    ...a dedication could be well-intentioned at the time it was made, but further developments and circumstances change things.
    I dedicated my life to a "Jehovah" who doesn't exist and "His organization" that lied to me, so I withdrew.
    Buildings dedicated to such a God and such an organization should be able to get off the list also.

  • Incognito

    Ooops! Sorry, my post was accidentally posted before it was ready!

    OTWO said: ...a dedication could be well-intentioned at the time it was made, but further developments and circumstances change things.

    My point exactly! The WT make and enforce all these rules for their followers, but they also make escape clauses for circumstances where it suits them.

    Their meaning of 'Dedication' is applied one way towards their followers, but may be applied differentently when used elsewhere and they want it to have a different importance.

  • Palimpsest

    Witnesses would make little nasty remarks whenever we drove by the place. In their eyses it went from a place of "life" to a place of "death".

    Yet they'll never acknowledge the fact that they sold it to those people, right? That they profited off their "death"? As OnTheWayOut noted, if they really cared and didn't want them used by other groups, they'd knock them down and sell the land only.

    Two of the three Halls I attended growing up have been sold to other churches now. The Assembly Hall I attended was sold to a Chadisic group and immedialely torn down. The new Hall in my town had a huge dedication service, with a massive price-tag attached, but I'm sure it will end up a church of some other kind down the road, assuming the WTBTS lasts long enough. It's all a meaningless farce.

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