Jw's and the endless "Special Campaigns" in the field ministry now

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  • lepermessiah

    Everytime my family goes out in service now, its seems its for a new "special campaign"

    Already this year has been:

    1) Memorial Invitations

    2) District Convention Invitations

    3) Special Talk Invitations

    I think there is even another one coming up if I remember right.......

    Are the old days of simply peddling WT's and Awakes going away?

    The new form of service seems easy:

    a) knock on door

    b) leave invitation when they dont answer


    c) leave invitation with person who answers by saying "Here this is for you" and leave before they realize it is from JW's

    Is this really what Jesus had in mind when it came to spreading the "Good News"?

    Its more like a recruiting drive for meetings and assemblies for people who NEVER EVER show up based on a stupid invitation.....what a waste of time, money, and resources, just to give people more busy work in the "ministry"......

  • DaCheech

    now I think every first week they directly ask people for a bible study?

    one of my non-witness family has been to about 10 memorials in their life, after getting another invitation this asked me: "what's so special about this memorial talk and the special talk thereafter?" I plainly said: "it's just another way to recruit you"

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    This has been a trend over the past few years. There was the big "End of False Religion is Near" tract campaign in 2006 (I guess it wasn't that near...four years later and there's plenty of "false religion" around). And, as you mentioned, lots of memorial and convention invites.

    I see this as a win-win for the Society and the Witnesses. The Society likes it because (1) it boots publisher numbers because it's so easy, and (2) it's cheaper to print four-page tracts than 32-page magazines and 192-page books!

    The Witnesses like it because it's easy and they don't really have to talk to anyone. And the only thing Witnesses hate more than going out in service is talking to people out in service!

  • JeffT

    It helps reenforce the notion that big things are happening. At the summer conventions they announced that a special tract work would start in September. This was right after a talk about the fall of Jericho. There was all sorts of talk that if we did this tract work every three months, the last one would be in the fall of 1975!

  • undercover
    The Society likes it because (1) it boots publisher numbers because it's so easy, and (2) it's cheaper to print four-page tracts than 32-page magazines and 192-page books!

    Yea, there's no money in the door to door religious magazine/book peddling business anymore. Thanks Jimmy Swaggart and the IRS!!

  • JediMaster

    According to my mom. It's the intensifying of the preaching work right before the end. Funny thing is.....I don't hear any preaching.....

    Jedi Master

  • chickpea

    invitations to a DC are so laughably useless (except maybe in the host city)!!

    the DC we attended was a 7 hour drive to another state!

    guess how many people getting an invite
    out here in east bum chuck EVER said: HEY!
    i think i am gonna pack up, rent a hotel room
    and pay for the roundtrip fuel costs to go to
    this amazing thing they call a district convention!
    why, i am sure the cost of food for a family of 4
    wont be much more than the change i can find
    in the sofa.... bet i will get all sorts of blessings...

    do you need me to tell you what is "special"
    about a campaign like that?

  • lepermessiah

    Funny thing is.....I don't hear any preaching.....


  • serenitynow!

    I liked the special campaigns. That was cool to just ring the bell, hand em a tract, and "have a nice day."

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "Special Campaigns"... just like special schools and special buses. It's designed to make them feel special, when they're not accomplishing anything really.

    They distribute hundreds of Memorial invitations, but the same people attend.

    They distribute hundreds of invitations to a Discrap Crapvention that even the dubs aren't excited about attending. It's far away and many of the elderly won't go. There's not even enough parking for the dubs, let alone for any visitors that would get towed. Most of the content of the material isn't fit for public consumption. Why do they bother? It's a vain effort to create some 'specialness' that simply isn't there.

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