wife awakening

by diamondiiz 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • mentallyfree31

    Awesome. Just awesome!

    I am hoping that I will be making a similar post one day when my wife awakens.


  • sd-7

    I guess if she's gotten that far, she's definitely waking up. I had only a moment of believing that for my wife, until she turned me in. Congrats. You're a lucky man.

  • steve2

    Waking up from a fairy story can be difficult: She'll stumble around for a while. Becoming an adult willing and able to take responsibility for your choices and refusing to be emotionally manipulated is even harder for humans at the best of times. Give your wife time and lots of support. Sounds like she's well on the way to not only waking up but also growing up!

  • garyneal

    I sincerely hope I can say this about my wife one day. If she ever does, I want her to read Ray Franz's book, "In Search Of Christian Freedom" as I think this will really help her. Provided she ever gets to that point.

  • gubberningbody

    Everyone gets a little depressed.

    It's natural.

    We got tricked into believing in Santa Claus all over again only to find out he's never going to come.

  • TheListener

    Fantastic! I also want to know how you got her to read it?

  • diamondiiz

    Thanks everyone. I've been quite outspoken about wts and it annoyed the hell out of her. I had both COC and GTR laying around and when the generation study was coming up I gave her the COC and told her to read the chapter on generation. As I was at work she seemed to be curious and started to read a little bit of COC and some how ended up reading GTR and here I am with a wife not believing in 607 and the wts dates and loosing her belief in nonsense. So what the future holds I'm not 100% sure but she sounded like she'll fade after the convention which she made plans to attend with her sister. I just hope that she sticks with it and keeps researching wts. If she fades and I hope she does I will make sure the elders don't sucker her into a kh for a "chat." This was a huge step for her to admit so I have my fingers crossed that she doesn't get intimidated to going back. Her entire family is in but her mother is moderate but I don't know if she will say anything to any of her family or will keep it to herself. Either way, I'm quite happy at present. :)

  • Gayle

    Take up ballroom dancing or some fun things now. Initially, it can be bittersweet but it just gets sweeter as time goes along.

  • mentallyfree31

    It sure sounds like a positive development.


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