I wonder if JW's ever study what the heretics said.

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  • teel

    Do I remember right? The Dead Sea scrolls were a major link in proving Daniel's book was prophetic. Babylon was still not completely abandoned in 150BC when the Qumran community copied parts of Daniel's book, containing the prophecy about Babylon's completet desolation.

    The JWs only read WT approved materials, anything else religious is from apostates. Which always made me wonder, because the WT constantly quotes from all kinds of books. "Study" is a strong word, but I think at least some in writing department must have read heretic writings too.

  • maninthemiddle

    dgp, are you currently reading"lost Christianities" ?

    I currently am, and find it the most telling of the three of Ehrman's so far. It goes to show how far in left field the WT is regarding history.

    Even if they don't want to acknowledge the other forms af christianity, they should at least acknowledge the fight that there was for christanitiy as we know it today.

    Compare this book to the Watchtower 4/1/2010, and how it tells us that it was all sunshine and roses and the books of the NT always existed just as we know them today.

    Compare this to the drama this year.

    History seems only useful to the WT when it serves their purpose.


  • dgp

    I'm not reading "Lost Christianities" yet, but I do have it. So far I have liked Ehrman's approaches.

  • StAnn

    dgp, I'm not reading Ehrman but I do take courses online through the University of Dayton. I've taken Old Testament, getting ready to take New Testament. If you're interested in the courses, send me a PM and I'll give you the link to look at the course offerings.


  • carla

    The strange thing to me is that they accept the canon at all. In my limited experience a jw will not look at the Apocrypha or anything else unless it should contain the word jehovah and then they only use that particular page and sentence to use at the doors. So yeah, if you are newbie with a newbie jw don't get all excited thinking they may have seen the light when you find some new bible other than the NWT, it doesn't necessarly mean they have seen the errors of the wt.

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