There's something I don't quite get

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  • dgp

    Let's say you're an active witness (well, you guys were, or are active witnesses) and you look around you. Practically every appliance, invention, whatever, most of the food, all the new discoveries, virtually everything was made by worldlies. It's been that way for thousands of years. You are supposed to be "no part of this world", yet you benefit from everything good worldlies do, watch movies, watch TV. sell them stuff, buy from them, and can but notice the many things built in this world to help people. You can't help but notice the charities organized by other churches, even if you disregard them as futile and a waste of time. You also know that most people in your religion were worldlies at some point. In fact, even Russell was one. You can avoid interacting with everyone else. How can you still not feel you're part of a common mankind?

  • leavingwt

    They will accept lifesaving blood fractions, but consider it sinful to donate blood.

  • gubberningbody

    I remember giving a talk where I pointed out how no one but Cain's line did anything of note, and that went over like a lead balloon.

  • NiceDream

    Yeah, and we all benefit from doctors, paramedics, firemen, police. They can save our lives, but they're still going to die.

  • StAnn

    In the town where my old cong. is located, there is a thrift store operated by Lutheran Social Services. All of the JWs at my old KH shop there, even though the money is going to fund food banks and shelter the homeless. The JWs just go there because the prices are good. At the same time, they built a new YMCA in that town and although no JWs will actually join the Y, they will pay to swim in their pool.

    Aren't they nibbling around the edges of the worldly cookie, doing these things, knowing the money they spend at the thrift shop and the Y is going to be spent on Christian projects by various churches?

    Makes no sense to me.


  • StAnn

    dgp, one more thing. All of these jobs you mentioned and these inventions require that people are well educated. What kind of New World are the JWs going to have when all they can do is wash windows but don't have any idea how to manufacture windows?


  • Atman

    They'll use all the social services and not even vote to make sure these services are intact.

  • crapola

    Yeah, none of it makes sense.

  • Leirben

    Duh....God will magically load the knowledge of how to manufacture windows right into their dubbie brains. Lol... :)

    But yess.....I remember when Katrina hit (I am from New Orleans but wasn't living there) I donated $100 to the Red Cross... when my father found out, he was furious. So was my sister. They couldn't understand why I'd give money to a worldly organization and let the brothers go without! (!!!) Gah.

    And I just realized that even today I'm not sure exactly what YMCA is or why my parents always told me it was a very bad place and I must never, ever go there. Then father also told me to run if anyone ever tried to give me a book by this guy "Raymond Franz, the Apostate." So... maybe they're not that reliable.

  • undercover
    You are supposed to be "no part of this world", yet you benefit from everything good worldlies do

    I know that they meant that figuratively, in that we weren't to share in the world's materialism, politics, religions, entertainment, and any other distraction especially since the "world" is under Satan's rule.

    But if they really don't want to be part of the world, even firguratively, then maybe they need to copy the Amish or similar groups. Now those folks really are no part of the "world". They shun all things hedonistic, modern and extravagent. They don't give Satan a chance to influence them. No TVs, no Internet...hell, no electricity or self-powered vehicles.

    When it comes to being "no part of the world", JWs don't stack up very well anymore. And in these days of the Internet and instant communication/knowledge, JWs are losing the battle of shunning the world and all that it has to offer.

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