Ray Franz Showed Empathy at JW Nephew's Funeral - Unlike his Uncle

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    Aussie Oz

    Thanks Bangalore, and Flipper

    I missed this when first posted... good stuff for lurkers to read.

    truly terrible what the WT does to funerals and even worse what they do to the greiving families.


  • clarity

    Isn't it strange ... when my mother was buried, the non jw family expressed angry words about the service, that there was not a word about who she was or what she had accomplished. I didn't get it!

    Now I get it ...and am appalled at our ignorance and disrespect of the well lived LIVES of our loved ones.

    There are written orders that my death not even be mentioned to this awful society!!!


  • flipper

    Just noticed this thread got bumped up.

    AUSSIE OZ- Truly the WT society shows no empathy towards JW families when members die. The outlines for Memorial talks are atrocious and just a WT marketing tool.

    CLARITY- The disrespect the WT society shows towards Witnesses that die is absolutely inhumane. Using the services as a WT advertising push instead of talking about the accomplishments or qualities of the deceased JW. It's no wonder that non-Witness relatives get livid at JW memorials. I don't blame them. I get livid at JW funerals- and I'm an Ex-Witness. When my older JW parents die- I swear to god- I'm going to influence what is said about my mom or dad in the talk. If I have to back my elder brother into a corner and tell him to promise me they'll talk about mom or dad's personalities - or I'll get up on the stage and do so- I'll do whatever it takes . Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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