Weird News: A Condom With 'Teeth' Is Launched In South Africa

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  • JWdaughter

    I don't want to be the woman who has been raped -the guy will be flipping furious. He's already a rapist! And think of this people-she is still raped, then she will be further brutalized because the man is insanely in pain and pissed. That's a good combination.

    If a woman is going to be raped anyway, just have a condom inserted and protect her from aids or something. Don't make her a murder victim jst to prove some point.

  • Scully

    Would be best to develop a vaccine for HIV. And find some way to instill respect for life and basic human dignity, rather than jump on any bandwagon that promotes intolerant and genocidal behaviour.

  • Scott77

    How about encouraging rapist to marry and settle down?

  • yknot
    How about encouraging rapist to marry and settle down?

    I hate Deuteronomy!

    Rape is often the action of violence, control or entitlement.

    Many rapist are married.

    Many rapist are known and to some extent trusted by the victim

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    How about encouraging rapist to marry and settle down?

    There's a thought. Of course, he'd first have to find a woman willing to marry a rapist.

  • teel
    But how would a woman have a normal sex life??

    The condom only attaches to men, it's easily inserted and removed from the woman. And until it's so widespread that you find one on almost every girl, the rapist will for sure not be looking for it. There's still the problem of the brutality after the precious part of the man was bitten by one of these...

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