Tiger's mental mistakes

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  • tec

    Tiger Woods doesn't have to pay 750 million. That was a rumor, I think (or maybe someone's wishful thinking). I heard it on the news today, although they hadn't know just how much he would have to settle for.


  • freydo
  • freydo

    Time to Ignore Tiger, Focus on Real Golfers

    Jay Mariotti
    Lead Columnist

    ST. ANDREWS, Scotland -- "Out along the ropes on the 14th hole, grown adults still were running and jostling for viewing space Saturday, even as Tiger Woods continued to shrink in relevance and golfing girth. They followed him by the thousands, not concerned that he has become a non-contending wannabe and that a third-round duel between two legitimate challengers -- including Paul Casey, an ENGLISHMAN trying to win THE BRITISH OPEN -- was much more compelling. Others just wanted to be voyeurs, consumed by his personal misery and the systematic demise of his once-impenetrable game when they should have been doing something more productive, like ordering the greasy fish and chips. Like rubber-neckers staring slack-jawed at a burning building, they couldn't wait to catch a peek of this flawed man they read about in the British tabloids, staring in silence as Woods served up more bland mediocrity and gagged on another major opportunity. What they saw amid the high rough and unusually sunny skies only confirmed the trail of torture that has been his life since his infamous SUV crash last November. After trading in his decade-worthy Scotty Cameron putter for a Nike Method 001, in a desperation move lampooned by the British media, Woods followed a promising first round with two awful rounds on the greens. Shockingly, he needed 35 putts to salvage a one-over 73 and fall 12 strokes behind the steady leader, Louis Oosthuizen, whose name was pronounced correctly by the news-conference moderator Saturday evening -- he was called "Peter Oosterhausen'' on Friday -- and will have the sports world enunciating the proper "Louie West-hi-zen'' if he wins the Claret Jug.

    Who ever thought an obscure golfer from South Africa, nicknamed "Shrek'' by his friends for the gap in his front teeth, would stand on history's doorstep as Woods takes another tumble toward post-scandal oblivion? He never looked older as he lumbered off the Old Course, still four majors behind Jack Nicklaus' record, his face etched in pain. The Tiger Woods who ruled St. Andrews in 2000, then won again five years later, has melted into a has-been.Last time he was here, he was a newlywed buoyed by enormous wealth and fame, vowing to settle down as a family man as he soared toward status as the first billion-dollar athlete. Five summers later, thanks to a ravenous sexual appetite, he has lost his wife, rarely sees his two kids and might never regain even a smidgen of his former golf dominance. For months, he was a laughingstock, a social pariah and a corporate red flag, and now, he is becoming a portrait of pity everywhere he goes, a man living in his own prison with no foreseeable parole.................Eldrick Woods, who is miserable and about to fade from the radar screen. Do yourself a favor, as I am, and devote your attention span to Louis Oosthuizen. Whoever he is."

  • designs

    Tiger has some good playing years ahead. It may take a couple of years to get his game fully back. Getting off drugs, finding a new mate, he's got a lot of life changes to go through. Babe Ruth tanked his career with booze and women. We'll see if Tiger has learned some valuable life lessons, maybe he'll become a Born Again Buddhist.

  • freydo

    I well remember when Arnold Palmer lost it. It was at the 1964 US Open when they still played 36 holes on Saturday. He had won the Masters and opened with 68-69 - when 280 always won the Open - and finished 74-75. He never won anything of consequence after that that I can remember. He was 34 at the time. But he will always be da King, because he had class. Woods will never be thought of in such terms. From his website :

    "Also, as time goes on more and more bits and pieces of news will come out regarding his past. He'll never be able to shake this. Tiger was a player who used to thrive on pressure but right now he can't even figure out which putter to use. Best thing for Tiger to do is retire and retain a "little" dignity instead of becoming the Mike Tyson of golf."

  • freydo

    Tiger Woods Struggles

    AKRON, Ohio (AP)

    "........Two drives into the trees. Two shots to get out of a bunker. Putts that really didn't scare the hole. When he rolled in an 8-foot birdie putt on the 17th hole, he turned in two directions and bowed to the gallery.Woods has never finished lower than fifth on this golf course. He had never shot higher than 72 in his 44 previous rounds at Firestone. And he had nine consecutive rounds at par or better until Thursday........On the course where he has won a PGA Tour record seven times, Woods opened with bogeys on the two easiest holes at Firestone and wound up with his highest score ever on the South Course, a 4-over 74 that put him 10 shots behind.....Even more alarming for Woods is that the conditions were ideal for low scoring,...."


  • donny

    A recent headline in "The World News"

    "Tiger Has More Holes than a Golf Course"

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