JW's humble?

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  • donny

    During my trek through the JW's I often heard talks and comments stating how Witnesses were humble and meek, unlike the haughty-title loving people of the world especially Christendom. Well I just received my 2010 alumni Directory that covers everyone who graduated from the two high schools that were part of the district I live in.

    So I spent the afternoon parusing its pages when I came across a listing for a guy who is now an elder in the congregation I used to attend. Here is how he describes himself. "Ordained Minister. President and CEO of ****** Sign and Graphics Manufacturing and Distribution."

    We are talking about a sign company that is contained in a perhaps 20' by 18' room and has 2 employees in addtion to himself. Humble my ass. However I do have to give him credit for giving me a great needed belly laugh.


  • jamiebowers

    Appearances are all that matters to a jw.

  • rnicole76

    Don't pay attention to that humble, jumble crap. They bragged about and overexaggerated their title in the congregation. To the world, they are no one.

  • jookbeard

    Humility and meekness are words that are the complete opposite of the personality traits they display, they wouldn't even know the meaning of those words

  • WTWizard

    They are anything but. They will boast about being generous, when all they did is unload a bunch of crap (usually near the end of its life) to make themselves look good. They boast about not participating in politics (the UN scandal, at that starting in the 1990s, not near the beginning of the religion, blows that). They boast about how many hours they put in field circus a month--pio-sneers boasting about their time, putting others down because they don't become pio-sneers as well. They also boast about what it takes to stop them from going to a boasting session.

    I will boast about being the CEO of a company when it reaches international status and I can start having influence in buying the Twelve Visions Party into power despite the other CEOs buying the Re-PUKE-licans and DUMP-o-CRAPs in. Until then, I do not claim to be anything more than another potential target for "president" Osama Obama to rag on--for sure, a little sign company could be put out of business in two seconds by the IRS.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    Any feedback on this? I have been a court reporter for almost 18 years, both in court and

    freelance. After 10 LONG years in the official arena, I am thinking about starting up on my

    own. I ordered business cards and created my own website so all I need is to make that

    final step. Have any of you started up your own business recently? I am scared as heck but my job

    is making me a wreck. (I have two years to go until I finish my undergrad in accounting.)

  • Quandry

    "Ordained Minister. President and CEO of ****** Sign and Graphics Manufacturing and Distribution."

    But shoudn't he have added his degree credentials, since the WTS says that reading it's literature is equivalent to a college education?

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    As Clyde would say, "I'm so proud I'm humble."

  • LongHairGal

    No. At best they might show a mock humility. But, they don't really mean it and are quite conceited. But, they want to give the false impression to the public that they are humble.

    Like the Pharisees were humble - that is how JWs are humble.

  • Lozhasleft

    It starts with the GB that tells all the publishers they MUST be humble...while they tell anyone who'll listen how very important and special and above questioning they are on the GB....erm double standards????

    Loz x

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