Factual errors in the literature

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  • blondie
    The Scholastic Dishonesty of the Watchtower
    Van Buskirk, Michael Bookseller: BOOK QUEST (Centralia, WA, U.S.A.)
    Bookseller Rating: Quantity Available: 1

    Book Description: CARIS, Inc, Santa Ana, CA, 1976. Softcover. Book Condition: VG. First Edition; First Printing. Published @$.95 two staple blue booklet. Dark blue titles. ; " this booklet was taken from a chapter in my book, The Sandcastle of Jehovah's Witness, published in 1975" ; Illustrated; 16mo 6" - 7" tall; 48 pages. Bookseller Inventory # 26716

  • notverylikely

    Just read the first paragraph of the 5 questions on evolution brochure. it's factually dishonest and full of weasel words.

  • StAnn

    Don't forget the lies about aluminum, vaccinations, organ transplants. Also, I think the WTS came up with the concept of blood fragments, didn't they?

    Yes, I remember being told that males had one less rib also.

    I don't know if this is what you're looking for but in the Proclaimers book, they discussed how the JWs in Mexico were banned from singing in the congs. Actually, the Mexican govt said that they would confiscate all real estate belonging to religious groups. The WTS, in order to keep their property, registered as a cultural group and didn't allow the use of the Bible and songbook, etc., because it might blow their cover as a religious group. All of the actual religious groups in Mexico gave up their property and kept their integrity. The WTS presented itself to those of us in the USA as being under ban in Mexico when actually they had denied their Jehovah and who they were for financial gain.


  • steve2

    Thanks for the correct reference Blondie. I got the surname very wrong indeed!

  • AnnOMaly

    " ... when Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BCE ... " (this error's found everywhere!)

    And there'll also be all the quotes about Artaxerxes' 20th year being 455 BCE.

  • TheOldHippie

    What about factual errors from other sources?

    I remember at school, must have been 1963 or 1964, that the teacher told us man would never be able to land or wolk on the Moon. Why not? because since it had no atmosphere, it was covered in a layer of dust some 10 feet deep, so if a person would step out of a space ship of some kind, he would sink deep into this layer and be fullt entangled in it and die.

    and another teacher told us about how it was travelling in an aeroplane, that one would suddenly come upon pockets where there was no air, "air-empty-space", and the plane would then fall downwards until it hit air again. And therefore it was very scare when you were in the landing process, if the plane was 300 feet above ground and it suddenly hit upon an "air-empty-space" which was 200 feet deep and therefore would fall direclt downwards 200 feet and stop just 100 feet above ground. Perhaps a very strange way of trying to figure out what turbulence was.

    There have been a lot of factual errors down thru the centuries. When WT has produced its share, I feel it has been when they have tried to make Scripture coincide with or support some of the latest scientific ideas - finds which at a later stage have been found to be not quite verifiable.

  • hamsterbait

    Old Hippie -

    Your teacher was presenting explanations of the moon which were thought to be correct in 1963. Subsequent discoveries corrected it. Everybody ADMITS this was incorrect.

    The WTBTS NEVER admits to being wrong. They "readjust" thinking, when a point becomes inconvenient for them.

    I think the thread is really talking about DELIBERATE misinformation in the litterature.

    I can think of how they twist carbon14 dating for one.

    Since they claim Gods exclusive guidance, they should be holding to a higher standard that this evil Devil controlled world, not sweepingtheir rubbish under the carpet.


  • teel

    After 1914 the earthquakes dramatically increased - http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/faq/?faqID=110

    In fact generally that after 1914 the world has gotten much worse is a factual error. Percentage-wise there are much less illness, starving people - in fact I read somewhere that there are more obese people in the world than hungry ones - or even crime and wars. I'm not much into history, but I do know my country was last in war at WWII 65 years ago - before 1914 this land was in a constant turmoil.

  • IsaacJ22

    Thanks for all the info guys. I think others will find them useful as well.

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