Why Answer the question: WHO then is the Faithful and Wise Servant?

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  • startingover

    Great post

  • bobld

    Master=Jehovah.Faithful and wise servant=Jesus.Why,because J.C.was to provide the ransom and free mankind from sin amd death.It has not happened.


  • chrisjoel

    All this would be true if it wasnt for the fact that the first century FaithFul and discreet slave survived up until CT Russell even though the light dimmed it was still shining. CT RUSSELL was able to communicate with this long established SLAVE CLASS Jesus left behind on earth. ...as he said "I will be with you until the end".... WHen jesus came to his temple he had to choose someone so he might as well choose Russells group as everyone else wasnt alert enough.So the preoccupation with TIME was to be expected because it helped them keep on the watch while everyone else was worried about the already ingrained satanic preocupations of the day....on the other hand Russell was able to draw a line in the sand. No other group was able to draw such a line in the sand to distinguish themselves from those Jesus didnt pick. Thankfully Russell had the previous Faithful and discreet slave class from the first century on hand to help him and his group make the right choices. Prominent of course was exulting the name behind the tetragrammaton. SOmething no other group did and something apparently Jesus delighted in finding "someone out there doing". Hence Jesus choice of the IBSA.

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  • chrisjoel


    what ...just a little humour is all :)

  • booby

    Thank the lord you clarified that. I read it, was totally convinced, was prepared to sell all my belongings and join up. then at the last moment I checked back and saw that post.

  • thetrueone

    Interesting post Terry , places a different perspective to the idealogical mechanisms of the WTS.

    Another point to consider , since Russell and his wife put so much of their own money into the WTS.

    publishing company, with all of curtail investments it becomes not too surprising that they pronounce

    themselves has the FDSL to bring some sense of viability to the WTS..

    When the eventual power lusting lawyer ( Rutherford ) took over the corporation, everything converted over to Rutherford's Witnesses.

    It takes some sly trickery and manipulation to make people go out and find other people to bring money and empowerment to yourself,

    Rutherford was just that conniving of a crook.

    The fact is many religionists make the same proclamations that they are the FWS for its a self marketing tool

    for better or worse is successful in culling followers.

  • chrisjoel

    Thank the lord you clarified that. I read it, was totally convinced, was prepared to sell all my belongings and join up. then at the last moment I checked back and saw that post.

    LMAO....the investigation of this entire subject was what led me to leave the JWs...great post.

  • Quentin

    Little slow on the uptake today...

  • JeffT

    I've been hoping for awile that some dubs will come to my door to tell about the imminent arrival of the new system. I'm going to tell them that I don't care when it gets here, because all I need is assurance that God has a reward for me. I'd like to see what that does to them. If I get a chance, I'm going to ask them, what, if anything they would change in their own lives if they knew that day was far off. If we are doing what we do because it is the right thing, it shouldn't make any difference.

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