What's the nicest and most thoughtful thing you've ever done for someone

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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    that went unnoticed?

  • SixofNine

    It didn't exactly go "unnoticed", but I'm sure glad no one else saw it. I was doing some work in the locker room of a health and fitness center connected to one of the city's major hospitals when a man who couldn't have been a day younger than the oldest-man-on-earth came slowly shuffling around a bank of lockers into the area we were working.

    Just as he made the corner, only a few feet from where I was standing, his "tighty whities" (which were certainly not tight -hence the problem- and I don't even want to know if they were white) fell straight to the floor. He stopped, looked down, looked at me, looked down, looked worried, looked at the floor, looked worried....

    It seemed clear that whatever the poor old man would have to do to somehow get his ancient hands on his underwear, would take more time than I had, and more loss of dignity than anyone should ever have to endure (although my next action is close), so....

    I knelt down and pulled up his underwear for him. He thanked me and resumed his journey.

    And they gave Obama a Nobel prize?

  • beksbks

    Oh Six!

  • beksbks

    Ok, when I was about 12, I had a friend who was very heavy. We were visiting my nieces (toddlers) at my brother's house, and it was bath time for them. We went in and talked to them while they played in the tub. She leaned against the sink, and it came off the wall and burst the pipe. Water everywhere, it was horrible. I felt bad because she was a big girl, so I said I did it. Dunno who else ever knew that but she and I.

  • serenitynow!

    "I felt bad because she was a big girl, so I said I did it."

    That was very cool of you. I know you saved her alot of grief. If that had happened in my house I would never have heard the end of it. My mother, if we took too long to get out of bed in the morning would pull the covers off and call us "beached whales." Is there any wonder why I am in therapy, and still have a weight problem?

  • Cagefighter

    I am sure half of this story won't surprise anyone:

    When I was about 21 I saw a blind man about my age wandering lost around the parking lot. He was looking for the bus stop and we was way off. I led him to the bus stop and talked to him for a couple of minutes. He was bound and determined to meet a girl at a local bowling alley that he had been talking to on a chat line. I was a little worried about him and it was Friday evening and I had a couple of pints in me of beer. I offered him a ride to the bowling alley. I took him to the bowling alley and told him I left. I stayed to see this girl. The girl shows up and I am watching from a couple of tables away. She is about 15 and with a friend and total freaked out. I guess she lied about her age or didn't realize he was blind or whatever. But he was pretty humiliated either way. I came over after she left and told him I stayed and asked if he wanted to go to a strip club. He said he never been. I took him to a shady place near our apartments and found a very nice dancer that gave him a few good dances and we got drunk. End of Story. He enjoyed it and starting calling me 5 times a day after that.. LOL... But all in all I think it was a nice thing I did for him. He had fun.

  • beksbks

    LOL, I'm enjoying this thread!


    Serenity, she got teased a lot, and it was such a fast and shocking thing, all of a sudden the bathroom was in shambles. I honestly think it would have happened if anyone had leaned on it. But as fate would have it..............

    Ohh if only parents had to apply for the job.

  • BizzyBee

    I once gave a young panhandler about $7 and told him to call his mother.

  • RosePetal

    When I was about 12 I was on my way to school and an old lady was standing at her gate. She stopped me and asked if I could get her some shopping, she looked very frail and I couldn't say no so i did which made me about half our late for school. The teacher asked me why I was late so I told her about the old lady and I just couldn't say no, of course the teacher didn't believe me she said I've heard that one before.

    I was put on detention and had to stay half our after school and was assigned some boring work.


  • nextdoorgirl

    I like these stories. I am touched.

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