Field Service Reports Count More than Showing Love - Ray Franz CF Book

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  • ToesUp

    "Some pioneers had such a condescending atitude towards normal publishers it was disgusting to observe ."

    Let's Tony Morris once said..."who dropped them off there?" I think things are starting to come back to bite them. What goes around comes around.    

  • flipper

    Just realized this thread had been bumped up ! Thanks for the replies.

     JUST A READER-  I'm sorry to hear that you and your daughter were treated so disrespectfully by the elders.  I experienced that treatment as well. Showing love and showing the fruitages of the spirit were NOT what was emphasized unfortunately when we were JW's. It's still not emphasized. It's always been " outward appearance " type stuff. Getting a lot of service time in, conducting multiple bible studies, or placing a gazillion magazines in the field. Simply ridiculous, and it has nothing to do with how kind or loving a person is.

     JW DAUGHTER- Good comparison on your part with the business marketing outlook. As you mentioned PRODUCTION is a big emphasis in any business and the WT Society has become nothing more than a huge marketing cult and real estate corporation essentially. No emphasis on love whatsoever.

     BLACKFALCON - Thanks for marking.

     STUCKINARUT-  I'm glad this was bumped up as well. Ray Franz made some good points in regards to this field service time situation.

     BUNGI BILL-  I agree with you. WT Society deserves everything they get in a negative way with how they roll and do their business. To throw JW members under the bus for not producing enough field service time, placing magazines, or having bible studies to the exclusion of NOT valuing any kindness, compassion, or love towards others being treated as not necessary - is barbaric and inhumane on the WT Society's part.

     DOZY-  Thanks for brining up the example of the kindly " brother " you knew in your former congregation. I think I knew hundreds of those kind of " kindly " brothers who were ALWAYS overlooked for positions in the congregations because the WT Society did not emphasize showing kindness, mercy, love, or compassion to others for being a qualification to be appointed an elder. A JW man could actually be an asshole, a jerk- yet if he turned in 20 or more hours a month and pioneered- he'd get appointed an elder.  Even if he was secretly abusive in his home life to his wife or children- if he pioneered- he was looked at as a " hero " within the congregation. Which really shows just how INSANE the appointing process was inside JW congregations !

     TOESUP- Exactly. What comes around goes around. I constantly saw condescending attitudes towards JW's that didn't pioneer from pioneers. It caused such a negative competition between JW's this turning in time slips- that people actually judged one another based on how much time they reported in field service. It was and still is disgusting 


  • tidalblitz
    @Dozy You are 100% correct about JW being like an MLM. I felt weird and uncomfortable when I first realized this. And I hate fs. Counting time is stupid. If all I have to do is turn in time to be righteous, why do I need to go out at all. I'll just put 10 hours, 6 mags, and 2 rv on my slip at the end of the month and leave it at that.
  • Rattigan350

    " I'll just put 10 hours, 6 mags, and 2 rv on my slip at the end of the month and leave it at that."


    I would do that at the beginning of the month, just to see if they would notice.

    The fact that they only care about the CO and stats shows from when I stopped going out in FS and turning in FSR.  Several months later the Secretary said to me that he didn't have my reports for several months, and he said that he knew that I had been out as he saw me.  I just made up numbers for him since he was nice about it.

     He saw me when I wasn't out but they don't see me when I am.  just numbers for the CO.


  • flipper

    Saw this had been bumped up, thought I'd reply.

    TIDALBLITZ-  Yeah, turning time in to be counted " righteous " was really dumb for the WT Society to insist upon. Turning time in had nothing to do with being a good, kind person.

    RATTIGAN 350- Exactly. All elders care about are the statistics of the congregation going out in service meeting the national average so they don't get their butts chewed out from the C.O. when he visits. It's all about outward appearance - nothing about love or kindness 

  • OneFingerSalute

    A JW man could actually be an asshole, a jerk- yet if he turned in 20 or more hours a month and pioneered- he'd get appointed an elder. 

    So VERY true! I know one personally who fooled around on two JDubya wives. Embezzled from his work-place, was a practicing drunk, evaded taxes and was caught three times, was a proven chronic liar, viciously violent, and yet would report thirty or forty hours every month spent driving the back roads miles from town MAYBE talking to a total of four people during the whole month! Now he is an appointed hounder!

  • flipper

    Saw this thread had been bumped up so I thought I'd respond.

     ONEFINGERSALUTE-   Exactly, great point. Interesting example that you share about the elder with the " secret life " on the side doing everything illegal and immoral - yet at the same time being looked up to inside the congregation from rank & file publishers who see him getting 30 to 40 hours in service every month. If I had a dollar for all the elders I saw who lived these double lives when I was a JW- I'd be a millionaire right now. Absolutely incredible the deception that gets pulled by men in power within the JW organization

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