For the JW converts- What drew you in?

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  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I went to 12 yrs catholic school but as soon as i graduated I said thats not right but I wanted to know what the truth was about the meaning of life. My next move was in college the 60's campus radical then edgar cayce group drifted from that joined a commune but that wasn't it back to meditation group moved played around still pondering was now in my 30's still single. witnesses came to my door life forever on earth , resurrection sounded interesting started studying no intention of joining met a man at workwho was also a searcher for answers told him about jw's we ended up married became witnesses got really involved we were always sort of unusual & talked alot to each other started having some questions did more research people got suspicious of us and we walked out together. now kind of agnostic & still don't know the meaning of life.

  • sabastious
    Of course I did also say that about having a black president, so who knows...

    He's not black he's just a mexican that is changing his accent.

  • serenitynow!

    "He's not black he's just a mexican that is changing his accent."


  • Lozhasleft

    I had a love for the bible and for God and wanted answers to my questions...they supplied them. I checked and double checked everything they said at first but after a while I just trusted them and stopped checking. I found the love bombing particularly impressive after my broken family life too. Pity it isnt so sincere, but like others I made some very good friends that I still miss greatly. I'm reading Ray Franz's 'In search of Christian Freedom' at the moment and he's covering this question as to how people including himself were/are attracted into the Org. His insight is remarkable.

    Loz x

  • jamiebowers

    My parents had a violent marriage that ended in divorce when I was five. I rarely saw my father growing up until I left home at 13 to get away from my mom and lecherous stepfather's zeal for their new found Watchtower cult. My father was a violent alcoholic, so at 16 I moved back home. The jws promised a happy family life, and a jw man declared his undying love for me. So I studied and got baptized and married at 17. I was ripe for the picking both by the cult and the murderously mentally ill man who became my husband.

    The Watchtower's true view of family is what sent me running for my life out of the cult. Ironic, huh?

  • Honesty

    For the JW converts- What drew you in?


  • diamondiiz

    I was in grade 10, young and naive. Had respect for the bible and I also didn't understand trinity and the whole idea of paradise earth and never having to die sounded good. Looking back, no kid should be allowed to study with this useless cult without perantal consent.

  • WTWizard

    They promised me that, if I joined, they would help me out with the opposite sex (among the crap about living forever, supposedly with all my needs including sexual ones fulfilled). And they welshed on it--which is why I discontinued associating with them regardless of all the other discrepancies they had between the witless religion and the Bible. Regardless of what developments were taking place regarding entertainment. Regardless of how many times they botched Armageddon. Regardless of that Boozerford was nothing more than a drunkard.

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