Touchdown Jesus hit by lightning

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  • Cagefighter
  • BurnTheShips

    For a second I thought this was about Notre Dame's mural.

    That isn't "Touchdown Jesus."

    This is:


  • poppers

    Surely this is the opening shot of the big A.

  • designs

    It was all predestined before the founding of the world

  • StAnn

    Is it horrible to laugh out loud at this? I HATE that big, tacky sculpture. I have to drive by it all the time. It just got a facelift a month or so ago. All that work for nothing.

    It has always looked to me like it was carved from a big block of cheese so I called it the "Cheese-Us".

    Solid Rock is one of those mega churches. It's really large so when Hurricane Katrina hit, they used the church for an evacuee station. They had cots there and kept upwards of 200 people a day there while they waited to be placed in more permanent housing. All of the area churches took up collections of stuff and drove it over there so that when the evacuees got into their homes, they'd be ready to go. Things like laundry soap, bleach, groceries, bedding, whatever each family needed.

    I will admit, the lightning last night was really something. It was constant, made it look like daytime. And we had tornado warnings. The rain was really bad, couldn't see to drive. If this is the worst of the damage done, I'll count us lucky.


  • DaCheech

    i guess jesus hated it!


    it was the start of satan -vs- jesus battle

  • StAnn

    I wonder if the Dubs around here will think it's a sign? Maybe Armageddon is starting?


  • undercover

    I always heard that it was called "Big Butter Jesus" 'cause it looked like it was carved out of a giant stick of butter...

    There was even a parody song about it...

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