"It seems to me you folks are worshiping the teapot instead of drinking the tea."

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  • snowbird


    Can I please borrow that?


  • Chalam

    Excellent stuff Cagefighter! I am sure this deserves a thread of its own :)

    Now, who wants a beer?

    Count me in. Now where's Outlaw? ;)



  • Denial
  • daniel-p

    Daniel what if:

    teapot= Jehovah


    That futher obfuscates the analogy.

  • daniel-p

    Here's my way of explaining it to them...

    Number of times Jesus mentioned the Watchtower in the Bible - zero

    Number of times Jesus mentioned homosexuals in the Bible - zero

    Number of time Jesus said to love my neighbor- several

    Number of times Jesus said I didn't have to be perfect just accept him as my saviour- several.

    Now, who wants a beer?

    That sums it up nicely!

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Has anyone here had tea made in a tin can? (or anything else that's handy)

  • snowbird

    *raises hand*


  • rocketman

    The teapot is merely a vessel which helps get the tea to the drinker's mouth. No one comes home on a cold winter's day and says 'I think I'll heat some water so I can caress the warm teapot and warm myself'. They say 'I'm going to drink some tea'. The object of warmth and comfort is the tea, not the pot.

    Hence, I see it like daniel p does. JWs are preoccupied with the vessel - the organization, and not the actual tea - the word of God. The problem with that is they become like the Pharisees, who were guilty of the same thing basically.

  • palmtree67

    Very good quote, Baba.

    Worth pondering.

    I see it as daniel and rocketman. Very, very true.

    I think that maybe the WTS started out as people who were searching for truth, but over the century has morphed into a Pharisee-like, little boys club that is more interested in appearances and keeping control, than making sure they have truth.

    The glaring inconsistencies between what they preach nd what they practice, could no longer be ignored by me.

  • maninthemiddle

    Well said Rocketman.

    Daniel, I see your point.

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