2 More March 2015 BOEs!

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  • Atlantis
    More March 2015 BOEs!
    Click the link below and then click the green download button.
    2015 March 20, BOE. (Re: The Final Week of Jesus’ Life on Earth)
    2015 March 30, BOE. (Re: Maintenance and Repair Works to Kingdom Halls)
  • leaving_quietly

    Thanks, Atlantis!


    In addition, all congregations will shortly be provided with an updated list of suggested cleaning supplies from a recommended Watchtower supplier.


  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    That's what stood out to me too. No more buying the cheap stuff from poundstretcher, but a watchtower recommended supplier instead.

    Ahem >kickbacks<

  • pontoon

    In addition, all congregations will shortly be provided with an updated list of suggested cleaning supplies from a recommended Watchtower supplier.

    Micro management to the extreme. There are so, so many brothers in Wat headquarters, (my guess this came from Patterson) they have to create jobs for them to do no matter how ridiculous. There's probably an Overseer Of Kingdom Hall Cleaning Supplies and an Overseer Of Kingdom Hall Cleaning Supply Supplier's List. They probably have assistants. They believe they are doing one hell of a job because the overseer of the Cleaning Supply Overseer brothers told them so, how important and valuable they were to God's Organization, how the preaching work would grind to a halt without them because the Kingdom Halls were cleaned with the wrong products and are filthy. These will be among the brothers that believe when they leave bethel companies will be beating down their doors to pay them "six figures" for their vast and unique knowledge and managerial skills.

  • Oubliette
  • Atlantis

    Some of the names of suppliers the Watchtower has recommended in the past are:

    Service Master-Janitorial

    Dell-Projectors for showing videos in Kingdom Halls

    Office Depot-Janitorial & Sanitation and Labels etc.

    JWs who used these suppliers were given a discount card by the suppliers, with the words (for Kingdom Hall or Assembly Hall cleaning) etc.

    And when it comes to listing the Motel and Hotel giants they are in bed with, well, we could be here all night listing those.

    We have documents on all these guys dealing with the Watchtower. The WT has their fingers into everything you can think of that will make them a dollar.


  • blondie

    So are they suggesting that it is the same quality product and price and they are giving their business to a jw? Would that be like not buying such product at such price but discriminating against the non-jw?

    The local brothers are not stupid. I and they have seen the WTS or RBC manipulate them into doing business with a jw only to get flawed material, late material, junk material, or find that the price is twice or more the cost of similar product/service from a non-jw? The secondary response is very legalistic and the local brothers see that. And they want a specific reponse in wirting not left up to their imagination. Did the WTS connect recent changes in money transferring with the deposit of monies into the WTS account>

  • Gayle
    And the shipping costs of these cleaning products, etc,,wow - I can imagine, and here comes AMway/ WTway! Then, they'll have everyone buying their products for their 'personal' products with a discount that will go to WT. The 'Freewill' erosion.
  • cappytan
    We used to order from Grainger back when I was in Building Services Dept at Bethel. But that was 14 years ago.
  • Watchtower-Free

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