GB not "All" anointed?

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  • JWdaughter

    They are getting fewer and fewer of them. Sometimes when I was a kid, I think there were more than 12. Now there is 8. Who is gonna boss everyone around when they all die off? And they are all dying off. From a conversation I had with my mom, it seems all the 'newly' appointed anointed are pretty much discounted as such, pretty much like has been happening since I was a kid. All the real ones are pretty much dead(in the avg. JW view-or at least my 65 yo mom's view-she would view her own generation with suspicion as to that claim)

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I agree with you, JWdaughter.

    I am now in my mid-60s. When I was a teenager at my Kingdom Hall in the late 50s, anyone other than the older folks (over 50) that partook of the Mogen-David and stale crackers was immediately viewed with suspicion. We're talking 50-plus years ago!

    I remember one brother and his wife had been Gilead missionaries. They came back to the USA because she became seriously ill from diabetes and lupus. They had served in Central America, I believe, so he had a nice pencil-thin mustache that was in fashion at the time, especially among higher class Hispanics, although I think he was French or Portuguese. He was an excellent speaker, and we all looked forward to his public talks and whenever he read the paragraphs for the WT study.

    He had two major problems that eventually got him placed under heavy scrutiny and pushed out of our Kingdom Hall. (1) He partook of the emblems, and (2) he and his wife sold lingerie at house parties.

    I remember my mother and father talking about this fellow. They really liked him and loved to hear him speak. He was very humble and soft-spoken whenever he mixed with the brothers and sisters, but on stage he had a very commanding presence. BUT (big but!) everyone felt that he could not possibly be anointed - he was "too young." Oh, and what about his wife? She did not partake - and every other elderly couple seemed to both be of the anointed. How would that work? He would go to heaven and she would stay on earth? They could not see the logic in that, so obviously he was "faking it."

    Their lingerie business is what got them pushed out of the Kingdom Hall. They actually did fittings and took measurements for bras and underwear during the house parties and he was the expert on determining cup sizes. You would have thought he was playing "amateur gynocologist" - or worse. Everyone ignored the fact that his wife was with him at these parties and that if any of the women objected to his measuring them, his wife would do that part - except she was apparently not as skilled at sizing as he. They went into that business because his parents were in the clothing business - and the party plan allowed them to work part-time in the evenings and on weekends and full-time pioneer during the daylight hours.

    Eventually this couple who were former Gilead grads (I think, but might be wrong) and missionaries - and he was a self-proclaimed member of the anointed (and who among them were not "self-proclaimed"?) - and yet the congregation, basically through gossip and innuendo, forced them both out of our Kingdom Hall.

    I never heard what happened to them after they left. All I remember was that they were very humble and sweet natured people. I remember when I asked my mother if he was really "anointed," all she would say was "we could not judge, only Jehovah can," but to her he seemed to be "too young to qualify as a member of the remnant."

    If she was alive today, I wonder how my mother would be able to accept the current reality of a "growing body of anointed ones."

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    And they don't use the term "remnant" anymore because the anointed aren't left-over on earth, apparently. Evidently, they're still being selected.

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