confused which is the right religion?

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  • Ilovebirthdays

    I never think stuff like this is very funny, but this cracked me up. I even did the Belief o matic one, and was very pleased that JW's came in dead last on my results.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I took the Belief-O-Matic just a few years ago when I was a self-righteous Dub and was somewhat disturbed that JW came in something like third place for me (I guess even then I didn't toe the party line too strictly; unfortunately I forget what my top couple were above JW).

    Took it again today and JW is DEAD LAST. Apparently I'm a Unitarian Universalist nowadays, with some Liberal Quaker, Neo-Pagan, and New Age leanings. LoL.

    In Search of Christian Freedom? I freaking FOUND IT!

  • Bystander39

    I never heard of the Belief-O-Matic before, so I took it. Like most multiple choice quizes there were often times when it was between two, but neither fit. Anyway, it came back 100% Sikhism, which is something else I've never heard of before. Followed the link, and by gosh, I agreed with a lot of what was stated - except the reincarnation part. I'll have to read up on Sikhism, I guess.

  • zoiks

    That was fun!

  • Dogpatch

    You must have had a fun day Paul. Did you take the missus out for her birthday (tomorrow) or something? :-))


  • zoiks

    Whoah! I just took the belief-o-matic as well. Fun, and interesting! JWs showed up last on my list. My first, at 100%? Secular humanist. Followed by a strange assortment of belief sets, like Unitarian, Liberal Quaker, Theravad Buddhism, and Neo-Pagan, among many others.

    Only 20 questions, but the variable of importance each answer holds to you really adds some variety.

  • besty

    haha - I was recovering from yesterdays football game....Sam went to Target and Costco for her birthday....


    besty gets a gold medal!!

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