Why are the British football team so useless?

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  • highdose

    Last nights match was humiliating. And lets face it... if they even make it to the semi's it will be amazing!

    Ok you could say well they are playing agianst the best teams in the world... but other teams manage!?!

    The whole lot of them are way over paid and i suspect have nothing driving them on to win.

    Ok thats my cat amongst the pigeons for today;)

  • Podobear

    This cat agrees with you highdose.. There is far too much money in the game.. it taints EVERYTHING.

    English football (soccer) use to be two teams of local lads playing their hearts out in a spirited gain, cheered on by local Dads and Sons (and often Mum and daughters too!). It drew communities together, especially in times of adversity. It was a safe haven to let off steam, and ended up in the local pub (bar for you unfortunated American readers [there's nowt like a pint of beer at yer local]). It was at the heart of England.

    Gone!! to my horror and dismay.

    The second world war saw the beleaguered and weary Londoners in the munitions factories desperate to repel the onslaught of the Nazi militia and the pounding of the Luftwaffe. The men hammered out the steel and the guns were built - The HAMMERS and the GUNNERS were born from the factories of Greenwich and today we have ARSENAL and WEST HAM bearing those logos.

    Dad knew the name of every player and I have a picture of him just prior to his JW conversion in 1966 dressed in Claret and Blue and touching the Cup as "I'm forever blowing bubbles" echoed around Wembley arena in (1964?) as West Ham lifted the trophy that year.

    And yesterday??? PUKE... I'm ashamed they have shafted (sorry) our game and ruined our way of life.

    Bring on the hard eggs and rotten tomatoes.. I'm ready to throw.

    BTW Rugby League is now my game.. for all the reasons I have added.

    Cheers, mine's a Fullers London Pride... what's you poison m8?

  • cofty

    There is no British football team

  • crownboy

    Good point cofty. I've never really understood why there isn't a UK football team instead of what amounts to four separate countries competing. Wouldn't that ultimately produce a more powerful side? England makes the World Cup most years, Scotland has a good recent track record and even N. Ireland did well in early qualifiers for this tournament (though I might understand why they wouldn't want to compete under a unified UK ). If you had the best of all four sides, wouldn't that be a great team?

    As far as yesterday's game goes, England definitely blew it. IMO they totally dominated the the game, but just couldn't finish. Defensively, they had the US unable to set up any good plays, with a few very notable exceptions. As a US fan, I was just happy we had Tim Howard as our goalie. Given the U.S.' overall quality of play, I was happy for a draw. (though if Altidore could have scored...)

  • alanv

    The team as a whole atually played pretty well. It was a silly mistake by the goalkeeper that robbed them of victory. Most people agree that England played the best

  • cofty

    The four nations will never agree to combining their national teams. England would dominate the squad in any case. Its all about national pride, very few fans would turn out to cheer on a "British" team. Apart from that the English FA and the Scottish FA don't have a good relationship.

  • Shutterbug

    You guys are taking this way too seriously. England didn't lose, it was a tie. Who played the best ?? I saw one US player on TV saying the US was extremely lucky and neither team is out of it yet. England could very well come out of this winning it all.

  • cofty

    England and USA will both go through to the last 16. Algeria and Slovenia are dreadful

  • BurnTheShips

    I wish England had been held scoreless.


  • BluesBrother

    England are ranked 8th in the world by FIFA...U S A with a much bigger population and pool of potential players are ranked 14th . Neither side lost and it was the opening game.

    Of course we would have liked to wap the Yanks....but lets keep some sense of proportion...

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