House to house not scriptural !- 'In search of Christian Freedom' Revelations..

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    For over 24 years, my Dad has been a baptized JW. He has NEVER brought anyone into the organization. As well, when my Mom was alive, she never brought anyone in either. Yay!

    To further this, what I can say is that after my parents decided to dedicate themselves, they actually pushed people away from the cancer due to the negative shift in their behaviour and treatment of family members who were not sold on the cult.

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    not a captive


    Just saying I like your postings. Thanks for this one.

    I used to just talk to people about God and use the Bible. That was my "field service" because Irarely could make the other regular thing happen. But it didn't "count" the same in some sense. There was so much about FS that seemed wrong.

    If I believe in divine providence and believe the good news might be valuable to others , then it would have to come to them through a combination of God's help and the action of God's spirit in others---somehow.

    This conversation makes me think.


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    As a teenager, over 30 years ago, my Mom tried to push me to do the door-to-door work but she never went herself, citing that her smoking was one of the reasons she couldn't go (it didn't make a good 'witness'). Yeah, whatever. I was told that if you want eternal life you have to go out in serve-us.

    For the life of me I couldn't find anything in the Bible that stated handing out Watchtower and Awake! magazines door-to-door led to my salvation. Forcing religious beliefs on others didn't sit well with me. This was one of several issues I had regarding the Watchtower and JWs as I got older.

    When you are a child, you believe everything your parents tell you. But as you grow up, you realize that there are some things that just don't jive. When reality doesn't align with words, you know something isn't right.

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    Not a captive - Thank you for your kind words I have sent you a PM.

    Ray explains in detail how the scriptures the JWs use to promote 'house to house' have been misconstrued by them to fit their needs. I find that so abhorrent. How dare they. And how many times will I say those last three words I wonder...I seem to say them at least weekly at the moment!

    Loz x

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