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  • whereami

    This can be an excellent opportunity for every ex-jw to get involved and make a difference.


  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    I just watched the trailer and it looks like it's going to be really good! Thanks for letting us know. EVERYONE on this site should see this thread - BTTT!

  • whereami

    You would figure this would catch evereyones attention. I guess not.

  • sir82

    You should have put "sex" in the thread title....

  • whereami

    Lol...yeah, I should've thought of that. Sex always "raises" attention.

  • cofty

    From Stephan T. McGuire, the Associate Producer of Leonardo DiCaprio's "The 11th Hour"

    A feature documentary for theatrical distribution, Losing My Religion will be a soul-searching, interview-style film, exploring the experiences and exoduses of fundamentalists as they leave behind their family, friends, their acquired interpretations of "God"—the only world they have ever known. We will examine how these transformations often give birth to some of our world's great activists.

    A comprehensive and intelligent study is needed on the effects of extreme fundamentalism on the human psyche.....

    Looks like a great project. Well worth watching Stephan's promotional video

  • somebody


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    UPDATE -

    Stephan is still actively seeking contributions and his crack team of unproductive producers and other groupie associates is finding new ways to spend the collected money (more than $30K) without producing a shred of tangible product. The film is not in production, the charity is not formed and operating, the website is not up and running.

    The Facebook site is a major accomplishment, and we all know how difficult and expensive it is to set up a FaceBook account.

    If a simple search is performed, one will find threads related to the "Losing My Religion" film project dating back NINE YEARS at least.

    If you've got money to burn, they will gladly help you do so, and you'll be storing up treasures in heaven, where all that money-smoke has gone.

    The land of Jehovah's Witnesses is filled to overflowing with Ruther-frauds of all shapes and sizes. The biggest, of course, is the WTB&TS itself. There are plenty of other mini- and micro- frauds too. If someone REALLY has a project, it gets DONE without asking for money from the rest of the XJW community, usually. Barbara Anderson and Richard Rawe are excellent examples of individuals who know how to get things done. There is no shortage of individuals who talk about "what they could do" if only they had some of YOUR money. Don't fall for it. Don't give money to grifters who want you to fund their pilgrimage to the next Brooklyn protest.

    If you find yourself compelled to give some of your retirement fund to someone else, find a good legitimate charity like the AMERICAN RED CROSS.

    "By their FRUITS you will know them."

  • nicolaou

    Well said Nathan.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Thank you. It has been said that eventually TRUTH comes to light. and so it does... and shall continue to.

    There are other disappointing and shocking bits of news about some of the "prominent" XJW "leaders" who, very sadly, were not in full possession of the character they claimed. They did some good work, then ruined what they had done by greed and laziness.

    In time we are all given the distinction of anonymity - our names and our faces are forgotten. So let it be with those who have fallen in dishonor, who didn't have waht it takes to male it all the way. who proved themselves deserving of many of the harsh words thrown their way.

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