How do you answer to the "new light" excuse?

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  • XPeterX

    When a JW uses Proverbs 4:18 what can you say to prove that he's wrong?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    BS excuse, if a light gets brighter to illuminate your path, it will serve to assure your understanding or way on that path. With WT light its taking you from boulevards to avenues to dead end streets.

    Ohh and we can't forget those stupid circle jerks that nobody can get out of.

  • coffee_black

    Ask them to read the whole chapter...not just the verse the jws take out of context. The chapter has nothing to do with "new light" or changing truth.


  • Ultimate Reality
    Ultimate Reality

    Coffee is right. This is easy to address, there is no way to scripturally defend the 'new light' concept.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Recently an Elder told to me something was 'New Light ' , and my comment was ,"when you say 'newlight' what you are really refering to is the 'latest opinion ' " . As the older GB members are dying off you will have the new opinions of the younger GB members becoming more out in the open ,and their opinion will be new light . To change a view on a doctrine 180 degrees is not seeing it more clearly it is re-inventing it into something entirely different .

  • sir82

    "New light" might possibly explain moving from "we don't know what this means" to "now we understand what it means".

    It does NOT explain:

    "This verse means must believe it or God will kill you"

    Followed by

    "This verse now means Y...believe us or God will kill you"

    Followed by

    "Now this verse means Z....believe us or God will kill you"

    Followed by....

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    If "new light" is a progressive ongoing process indispensible to spiritual growth, then it must follow some currently held beliefs have to be FALSE, otherwise the "new Light" process gets stopped in its tracks!!

  • designs

    Every body learns something new everyday.

  • Robert7

    "New Light" would imply that knowledge and understanding increases overall, meaning adds to what is known, not throwing out the old view and replacing with a different view. i.e. organ transplants bad, organ transplants now good. Even Russel said that new light does not replace old light.

    New Light is cultspeak for "God inspired new opinions"

  • Heaven

    A lot of the WTS 'noo light' is actually regurgitated 'old light'. Round, round they go!

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