World council of Churches fight over who "has the truth!"

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    {Catholics} "We are the Oldest and have the truth."

    {Muslims} "NO YOU DONT, WE DO....I KILL YOU!"

    {Scientologists} "We are so going to Sue your ass...I'm taking names."

    {Seventh Day Adventists} "We have Saturday's off, so we do."

    {Buhdists} We have no "desire" to be "the truth." WE DO!

    {Moonies} We do ya all wanna get married?

    {Jehovah's Witnesses} "heh, heh, FOOLS...these guys are so gonna be destroyed."

    {Peoples temple- Jim jones} "We do so....lets drink to it cheers!! {gulp}

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