2010 God's Word For Us Through Jeremiah...PDF!

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  • yknot

    I am sorry.....

    I said I would finish uploading this the other day......

    A social opportunity for the children presented itself too good to refuse ...............(-:free day pass to local kids camp!:-)

    As with the two previous brochures........ all credit belongs to the "Anonymous-Brother"!


    The Book is entitled 'God's Word For Us Through Jeremiah'........





    (Brochure 1: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/members/private/194350/1/2010-DC-Brochure-Was-Life-Created-PDF )

    (Brochure 2: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/members/private/194351/1/2010-DC-Brochure-The-Origin-of-Life-5-Questions-Worth-Asking-PDF )

  • sd-7

    Send my thanks to this anonymous brother. This is further evidence that they can't stop the signal. I'd love to pull this up on my Kindle during the convention part before it's released, and see the look on my wife's face. Or my mom's face.

    That chapter on the new covenant has got some serious b.s. in it. How can only a few Christians be declared "perfect for life" through Christ, as if somehow they are more special than anyone else? They're the ones who somehow have God's law written on their hearts, and the rest of us by extension?? Ha! And to suggest that 'love' is what they have shown? Double ha!

    And then to have the gall to emphasize the need to forgive those who are DF'ed and get reinstated, when they themselves condone treating such persons as if they're still dirty!

    You don't indirectly benefit from a covenant you're not in. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that anyone other than Jesus Christ would be responsible for removing our sins. To suggest that men, who themselves need the ransom, can cleanse others from sin is blasphemy of the highest order.

    Just think of being friends with a guy who gets a large cash settlement. Does that, by definition, mean that you are also rich? No. You are dependent only on this guy's generosity towards you--and not at all on his attorney, or mediator. In the same way, if Jesus is not my Mediator, but only the Mediator for the anointed, then the only way I can benefit from the covenant is to count on the generosity of, not Jesus, but the anointed. It doesn't work any other way unless Jesus is also my Mediator.

    I just couldn't help but focus on that chapter. Not helping my mood today...

    Thank you, yknot, and your anonymous freedom fighter friend.


  • yknot



    As for myself I made a point to be 'seen' leafing through the releases.......

    I also sent out a separate link to eveyone I know in my circuit too (that way I won't be linked to the sendspace or 4shared)

    Cuz...... everyone knows JWs like to 'run ahead'

    So Sd-7 will you be 'tempted' by page 28's question?


    Are others 'tempted' to return to the KH when this section is covered and make 'accurate knowledge' commentary?

  • yknot

    Excerpt from pages 28-29

    24 In 607 B.C.E., the Babylonians finally broke through Jerusalem's walls, and the city fell. Nebuchadnezzar's
    forces burned Jehovah's temple, demolished the city walls, and slaughtered the nobles of Judah. Zedekiah
    attempted to flee, only to be caphued and brought before his conqueror. Zedekiah's sons were slaughtered
    before his eyes, and then Nebuchadnezzar had him blinded, bound, and led away to Babylon. Uer. 39:1-7)
    Yes, Jeremiah's words regarding Judah and Jerusalem had come true. Rather than rejoice, God's prophet
    mourned the calamity of his people. We can read his sentiments in the Bible book of Lamentations. We
    should be deeply touched as we read that book.

    Question :

    24. Describe the events of 607 B.C.E
  • sd-7

    Page 28..."Describe the events of 607 B.C.E." Oh, I see...well, for one, Zedekiah wasn't even remotely the king during this year...it was actually Jehoiakim's second year as king, and about two years before Nebuchadnezzar's forces conquered the region and made Jehoiakim a vassal.

    As I'm being forcibly dragged out for mentioning historical facts, I can shout, "Jerusalem was destroyed in 587 B.C.E.! Look in any encyclopedia! They added a mystery 20 years! Wonder why?!"

    That 20 years also forces them to push back the Battle of Carchemish 20 years to 625 B.C.E., as is also stated in this book. None of the data I've seen provides an explanation for why 20 years disappeared or were intentionally altered in THOUSANDS of DIFFERENT, INDEPENDENT HISTORICAL SOURCES from a period of history that is pretty well reported on. I love it.

    But what good would it do to say it? I can only imagine what they're saying about me in my wife's congregation now. Or in my home congregation, for that matter. I've probably got 5 girlfriends that I bring home to meet my wife, I'm sure. So I've lost all credibility.

    A Double Dog Dare? Oh, my! I think I might take that dare, and post pictures here of me holding my Kindle AT the convention, DURING the program to prove I did it!

  • man in black
    man in black

    Do it.

    I TRIPLE dog dare you.

  • yknot

    shameless bttt

  • InquiryMan

    Thanks for providing the pdf. On pages 45 and 46 the anti stance on advanced education is further re-enforced. On 95-96 there are subtle warnings against getting children....

    If somebody could provide me a link of the dvd on the JWs history released on the assembly I would be very grateful.


  • AnnOMaly

    Thanks for the download, yknot and the 'Anonymous Brother.'

    The false dates are driving me CRAZY!

    One nice little point from p.31, however.

    "The last event that Jeremiah recorded - the release from prison of Jehoiachin at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar's successor, Evil-merodach - is dated 580 B.C.E. (Jer. 52:31-34) By this time, Jeremiah must have been about 90 years old. We have no reliable information concerning the end of his life. It is likely that he lived out his final years in Egypt and died faithful there after some 67 years in special service to Jehovah."

    If Jeremiah 'likely' lived out his final years in Egypt and the last event he wrote about was dated to Nebuchadnezzar's successor Evil-Merodach, then Egypt 'likely' couldn't have been depopulated 'without an inhabitant' for 40 years! LOL.

    (I'm going to put this one up for Alice's benefit on the other thread.)

  • besty

    annomaly - humor me and explain that last one in a little more detail for us uninitiates :-)

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