This site needs some improvements.....(suggestions)

by XPeterX 17 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • GromitSK
    Maybe more fantasy threads featuring girls that really like each other.

    That's in your own hands - arf arf

  • WTWizard

    On a forum this large, seeing everyone that's online would be cumbersome. You could easily have more than 200 people online on a busy day, and 20 or 30 of them could be posting. You could also have 200 or more people reading a thread (such as when Raymond Franz died), with only a few posting. Simply not practical. Were the forum smaller, that might be more practical.

    And I cannot see reinstating a chat room if there are too many that are going to abuse it. Remember, it only takes one or two members to continually harass everyone in the chat room, post spam, and/or hog the whole thing to spoil it for everyone else.

  • chrisjoel

    Re: chatroom- You can find a great chat with ex jws on :

    www.exjehovahswitnessforum.yuku - you can swear like a sailor it doesnt matter there all very open...

  • joeblow

    I find the choice of forum software here somewhat... old and archaic. I administer several servers and forums in my line of work, and... none are as cumbersome and difficult to use as this one... not complaining... just an observation based on years of experience with these kinds of things.

    Also, I've noticed several broken parts of this forum. the PM section for example (I am amazed that people have to post a forum message to let someone know they have a PM)... notification of replies on threads you are participating in is missing (I can't find it if it's there)... you cannot enter any info in your profile (well, I cannot anyway.. maybe others can?)....

    Try clicking on About Us / Contact Us / Terms of Use / Help. the only one that works is TOU... the rest end in a processing error.

    Basically, although the forum is working in its current state, it could really benefit from an update/repair, or even a migration to a more current forum engine such as phpBB or something similar.

  • zeroday*

    This board is a combination of out dated and homemade software there are many here that have offered some expertise to help but have not been heard. The owner of the site does not feel a need to change anything...

  • asilentone

    zeroday, Simon will change things eventually, he is busy.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I'd like to see an Active Topics button at the bottom of the last post so you don't have to scroll all the way up back up to hit it.

    Think About It

  • transhuman68

    It's a conspiracy to keep the whack-jobs out. It works...mostly.

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