What happens when a elderly dub is put into a care home?

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  • nelly136

    from observation, in the very old days there were food and visiting rotas, that seemed to practically die out. working in the nhs and later home care field i came across quite a few in hospital who had a slim or bob of seeing anyone but staff during their long days.

    as for my nan who was shunted off to a jah jireh over 150 miles from here, i think it was a case of the further the better to save my aunt the bother. she didnt go to the funeral and i spent the funeral wondering whether there was a bogoff on the coffin cos the guy couldnt get her name straight for the entire service.....but then he probably didnt know her from adam, and none of the elders from here had the decency to do it for her after her 60+ years of efforts for them.

  • truthseeker


    I can relate to what you said. There were a couple in my old hall that were in nursing homes and forgotten about, and yes, the staff sometimes they were JWs. One elderly JW sister I know played bingo with the other residents.

  • truthseeker


    I've heard of the Jah Jireh homes. I'd go mad if I had to live out my last years there! No excuse for missing meetings.

    Some might consider it their spiritual paradise though.

    From their website: "Jah–Jireh is a charity in which Jehovah’s Witnesses care for elderly & infirm Jehovah’s Witnesses in a loving spiritual environment. If they so wish, brothers and sisters falling into these and other categories of inability who wish their spiritual life to be protected and provided for in a residential setting can come to us for assistance."

    I wonder if they'd boot you out if you got disfellowshipped?

  • man in black
    man in black

    My Mother was a witness for 27 years. My parents moved down south to retire, went to the hall, had a book study in their home,,, the usual.

    Several years ago when my Mom was bedridden and in - out of assisted care homes not one witness came to visit.

    When she died two years ago, I went down to help my Dad out the week after and after going out to lunch one day we came home and there was

    a wt tract in the doorhandle.

    My Dad said "oh look,, the friends were here"

    I thought,, what friends? ???

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I have an aunt who has been a faithful and active JW since 1953. She pioneered, hosted the Tuesday night Book Study, and helped out countless down and out JWs during that time.

    She is now sick with Alzheimers. Fortunately, she is cared for by her sister and brother-in-law, both JWs. They hire a distant relative(also a JW) to help them.

    They live about 1 mile from the KH but she is never visited by anyone from the congregation. The funny thing is that she has no memory of being a JW. her memories are all pre-1953. LOL!

    I'm sure her sister and brother-in-law are asked about her when they are at meetings but nobody does anything to help or visit.

  • nelly136

    http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/164213/1/R-I-P-Nelly-OGrady that summed up their treatment for me.

    i particularly appreciated the jw on my door months later asking how she was (only after i'd brought her up)

  • sherah

    The elderly are forgotten about in my congregation generally and doubly so if they are in a nursing home.

    Some friends make the effort for ones who were super faithful but for the most part, out of sight, out of mind.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    There was one older sister that was in a nursing home because her JW family all moved to another state. Some other old ladies came and got her for the memorial (on a cold rainy evening) she fell on the way out, broke her hip, declined mentally and is now on the dementia unit. NMKA

  • teela(2)

    My dad starved himself to death. He was dumped in the rest home by my mother. I did not have the courage to tell him he could catch a taxis home at any time, because the truth was the home treated him better than my mum did. As for the witnesses all talk and no action. People my Father considered life long friends never came. Two "worldly" friends visited regularly and a couple of old witnesses only. The only one he could discuss his religious beliefs with was the Presbyterian minster that came once a week. He came to realize that his whole life was a waste. His children had all left the Witnesses, his wife hated him and the church that he devoted his life too did not give a f****k. So he stopped eating except when his wife came to visit (occasionally). It took two months until they put him on morphine . I could see the internal organs moving under a parchment like skin. He died the next day.

  • StAnn

    teela, that is horrible. {{{{{{{}}}}}}}


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