2010 DC Brochure: Was Life Created? PDF !!!!!!

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  • yknot

    Okay had a really really busy weekend......

    But somehow God's spirit-directed Organization's newest releases managed to find their way to a sendspace link.....

    Yes in these 'end times' it seems Jehovah's Chariots are blazing faster than the GB can distribute food! Besides why should our Brothers/Sisters in Oz, Europe, Japan and others have to starve while we in the land of plenty get first takes at the 'provisions'? (Yea cuz we are an AMERICAN religion, so the plate gets passed here first!)

    Credit goes fully to the Anonymous-Brother who 'took one for the team' !

    Kisses, hugs and a multitude of gratitude Anonymous-Brother!!!!!

    (((((( BTW if someone has kept in touch with FunkyDerek......send him the links!..... I know how much he LOVES these types of commentary))))))

    Oh yea..... yall probably want the link RIGHT


  • yknot

    I forgot to mention that the WTS has remembered their little long-gone monkey......

    Yes it is a sweet picture of our dear , beloved, kiss demanding Shamus before he turned into the face ripping, crap throwing Aposta-Orangutan

  • Robert7

    This brochure looks like it was created in the 80's. There are a few fundamental flaws with the logic in this brochure, basically arguing A vs B, and if B is false, then A must be true:

    1) The world is complex so God must have created it, according to the Bible.

    2) Evolution doesn't make sense so it can't be true.

    3) Since they are arguing ONLY Biblical creation VS Evolution, since Evolution is false, then Biblical creation by default is true!

    4) They are not considering 'secret option C' which is 'no on knows'. In this reasoning it MUST be A or B, but the fact is that no one really knows, and likely the real answer is C. "No one knows".

  • yknot

    But they tried so hard to cover their assets in referencing..........

  • Soldier77

    I still can't fathom the understanding of the WTBS on why we needed yet another creation publication. Are the jdubs having an issue with creation over evolution? Didn't they print the new creation book a couple years ago, I mean it isn't over 5 years old is it?

    Their circular reasoning as Robert pointed out is just an insult to intelligence. Makes me mad that I am treated like a baby with the "you are not able to understand the bible without our direction" bullshit.

  • fokyc


    Very many thanks from the UK (British Isles),

    many do not realise how long we have to wait for these items.

  • Robert7

    Evolution is becoming more and more mainstream and accepted, and I wonder if slowly JW's are reasoning in their heads at some level that maybe evolution can be in harmony with the Bible, like many Christians believe. So maybe the GB is trying to harden their stance and nip it as quick as they can.

  • zoiks

    Ooh, ooh! They're dragging out the old Niles Eldredge quotes as evidence against evolution! I didn't think they'd dare...

    He, along with Stephen Jay Gould, helped to put forward the idea of Punctuated Equilibrium, which basically argues that species and populations can go through long periods of little or no change, and then go through "rapid" spurts of change. This was posited as an alternative to 'gradualism'.

    You can see his quote taken out of context on page 22.

    Also interesting is the next paragraph, which states - without citing any references - that "Many researchers agree that this vast and detailed [fossil] record shows that all major groups of animals appeared suddenly and remained virtually unchanged..." I wonder if they're referring to the 'cambrian explosion'? Joy of joys...

    Sigh. My parents are gonna hand this to me, convinced that it destroys evolutionary theory.

  • PrimateDave

    Thanks for posting! Looks like there's nothing new here, but it's good to have a look.

  • techdotcom


    Yeah, I think that is what their thinking is in putting this out. The sad thing is, the conditioning as a JW prohibits critical thinking. All they have to do is slap together some framework of reasoning that would stand up as a piece of fiction. That is to say, internally that the logic is mostly self supporting, but without any external objective evidence as necessary. This allows the reader/listener to slip into a suspesion of disbelief easily. When this is applied to a persons worldview and then backed up by extensive peer pressure, most will simply push any doubts as far down as possible to avoid feeling the fear and discomfort from losing the security of "knowing" the answers.

    Like you posted before:

    4) They are not considering 'secret option C' which is 'no on knows'. In this reasoning it MUST be A or B, but the fact is that no one really knows, and likely the real answer is C. "No one knows".

    This is not acceptable for someone in a faith like the JW's that revolves around they and only they having the "Truth". They cannot honestly admit that at some point faith means believing something without actually being able to prove that it is true. The fact the science cannot give them a pat and certain answer about the details of how life began gives them the excuse to throw out science altogether. The fact that creation cannot also be objectivly proven to be true does not preclude them from reasoning that "we already have an answer from a source we trust and since science cannot give us the same certainty then it would be better to stick with what we know to be true".

    Since they have been told to accept the Adam and Eve creation story as literal and true, and that prior to about 5000-6000 years ago there could only been one or two humans (they dont hold to the 6000 year old earth, just the timetable for the creation of human beings), then they simply ignore any evidence or reasoning that indicates a human presence on Earth prior to that.

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