I got a very nice used car recently but......

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  • Bluegill

    trust me...In a month you won't even notice they are there. I would leave them. Congrats on the new car!

  • yknot

    ..... Visor Cozies !!!!!!......

    (bear in mind I have I am supervising 7 girls, 4 boys in their county fair sewing/craft entries, which double for 4H)


    On a 'serious' note.....

    1) Check with a shop like Autozone to see if you can order some replacements to your liking....

    2) If not consider talking to a dealership

    3) Why not pop over to a headliner shop and have them reupholstered? Don't take refusals personal visors break pretty easy

    4) Head over to a car salvage where they either stip things for you are you 'pick and pull'

  • asilentone

    Bluegill, If I leave the stickers alone, I will always notice it if the sun is glaring in my direction, I would need the visor! The yellow sticker is very distracting to me. I ordered colored samples of sun visor covers for $1.50 from www.sunvisorsolutions. When I get them, I am going to decide which one would blend or match the interior of my car, then I would have the car upholstery shop to fit it perfectly for me.

  • asilentone

    yknot, thank you for your suggestions, I will consider them.

  • snowbird

    I feel you, ASO.

    I can't stand it if anything is on my dashboard.

    Makes my head hurt.


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