Apostates Mourn Ray Franz (1922 - 2010)

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  • Bangalore
  • Pootler

    "These people love the man and seem to read his books more then they read the Bible . It appears that dysfunctional codependents' will cling to anything if it makes them feel good."

    *sigh* All this face palming is RUINING my nose.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    It takes a "special" mind to think he merits going by the moniker "Sherlock" as if he's as observant and insightful as the iconic detective. Naming one's online persona after a fictional character is all well and good but the ego behind calling oneself "Sherlock" seems pretty ballsy. What stood out to me in just about 30 seconds of reading is that he's more of a Lestrade than a Sherlock.

  • RR

    The author of this blog is JW name Corey from Colorado, I never personally met him, butr years ago we use to correspond about the Bible Students, everything was fine, until he found out that not only was I a Bible Student, but I was an xjw, then he treated me like the plague, unless he needed something from me. The last I spoke to him was a couple of years ago. I suspect his blog has much to do in countering all the "Pastor Russell is not the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses" Bible Student sentiments. Of course 99% of his postings are taken from the Watchtower's side of things.

    As to his claim that xJW "love the man and seem to read his books more then they read the Bible. It appears that dysfunctional codependents' will cling to anything if it makes them feel good." Is hilarious in itself, considering the rank and file love the Gocerning Body and spend more time reading books about the Bible, then they do reading and Bible by itself. One would think that if the New World Translation was the premier translation, that the Society would have published it in as many languages as they do their journals and other publication.


  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    1) I now read my bible more than I ever did as a JW and I was an elder for 20 out of 25 years as a JW

    2) I am not "codependent" on anyone - Ray simply warned that we should be wary of any organized religoin led by man

    3) I do not and have not worshipped any person. To imply that those who read Ray's books are simply narrow-minded and draconian in viewpoint.

  • Outaservice

    As a personal friend of Ray, I have read his two books just once. I read the Bible daily and no hint of worship concerning Ray with any ex-JW's I know. He had his weaknesses as any of us have. What was said in the blog is rubbish!


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    The purpose of Ray's books are first are first and foremost to test the validity of the Watchtowers exclusivist claims to truth and God appointed favor. Outside of general recommendations towards personal freedom and decision making, Franz's books provide very little in the way of doctrinal treatise. There is essentially very little that Franz has provided to "follow", a fact which renders the claims of Mr. "Sherlock" rather pointless (except for the fact that they fulfill the Watchtower's official narrative of former members who leave the organization to "follow" satan).

  • bnybyt

    Hey RR,

    although the author of that blog and Corey seem to have a common liking for the Great Detective Sherlock,

    they are not the same folks...

    The author of the blog seems like a very opinionated jerk. Corey, the one I know who likes Sherlock is quite a nice chap, and an exJW.


    I just asked Corey and he said:

    Hi Javier. I got your note. That's not my blog. I have no idea who is responsible for it. Maybe they have a similar love for the worlds greatest detective. We should chat on the phone sometime. Cheers! Corey..

    So maybe a retraction on your part is due.

    (Also I can understand why someone might run from you like the plague... nothing personal, it's just that, well, you're scary. Now that was very funny :-)

    Take care mi amigo,


  • RR

    bnybyt, perhaps you are thinking of a different Corey than I am

  • mindmelda

    I was an ex JW before I ever read Franz's book.

    Gee, this guy has issues...or more like a whole subscription.

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