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  • Titus

    When you first heard for Raymond Victor Franz? When was it? And who told you about him?

    In my case, one special pioneer, who still serves as a special pioneer, asked me litterally this:

    "Did you know that even one member of the Governing Body was disfellowshipped? Did you know that it is possible?"

    I said "No way!" Then he said me: "Yes! Research that, and you will find it!"

    He obviously meant to research that on WT Library CD. But I couldn't find that there.

    And that's how I started to use Internet. It was in public library. First thing I did was google: "disfellowship member of governing body of jehovah witnesses". I still remember that day. The first page I opened was Wikipedia: I was reading that for about 15 seconds, and then closed it immediately! I rebuked myself for reading that. I closed browser, and went home. I couldn't believe I have already read it.

    My thoughts after that were: "He is aposatate. He is evil. He hates my brothers. He hates me. He does bad things to my brothers." Also, I was pretty sure that he is the man who holds up the apostate signs before the assembly hall. I saw him there. I was sure. And he himself writes them. For sure. Eventhough he has never been in my country.

    My next internet visit was few months after that. I wasn't on-line since then, because I was afraid of that bad evil man. I was afraid that he will come in pop-up window, so I didn't even try to look anything on-line.

    That's my story. In my case, Ray was the first step in getting knowledge about anything, including the Governing Body and the Organization, without fear.

  • GermanXJW

    I was on a fairground with some fellow JW. I went to a mission's booth to discuss with them. They told me about Raymond Franz and CoC. I was angry that these guys knew more about my religion and started to search for Raymond Franz's book. I start to read the chapters in a public library, later I bought it via the internet. However, it took me more about 10 years to get out after that.

  • cyberjesus

    When I was 11 I overheard an elder talking to my Dad (also an elder about him) in 1981. I couldnt believe how someone in such a high position could ever abandon Joroba. So I thought that he must had been control by the devil to rebel again the WT. 28 years latter I found an interview of him in Rumania on Youtube and from there I couldnt stop researching about him.

    After I finished reading CoC last year I wrote him a thank you letter and to my surprise he wrote me back.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Just before I ordered CoC

    Look left

    It was within a few days of that date.

    When Ray was tossed out of the bOrg, I wasn't in the loop and nobody bothered to tell me that one of the hierarchy was now persona non grata.

    Funny that.

    I never get told anything that confirms the notion that they are a bunch of fruit loops.

    Ray helped me overcome 30 odd years of waiting for Je Ho Ho Ho to kill me. He helped me understand that I was trying to commit suicide with an empty gun.

    I have missed my chance to shake his hand and thank him.

    Cynthia has lost a lovely man and my thoughts are with her at this sad time.


  • Lozhasleft

    It must have been the late 80s and the topic of apostasy in Brooklyn was being discussed by a few ... I remember hearing that the society's President's nephew, with the same surname Franz, had gone apostate ....

    The next time it was mentioned was when I was recommending the Commentary on the book of James to a struggling sister, this would have been the was/is my favourite Witness publication elder pointed out to me that this book was no longer considered to be acceptable since it was written by Ray Franz who'd gone apostate...I couldnt believe it....however, it gradually went out of print...

    The next time I heard about him was when I decided to have a browse online 3 years after leaving ....and his books were recommended on a forum...

    Loz x

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I remember there was a month when the Commentary on James book (which was penned by RF for the WTS) was the Offer for the Month. It seemed strange that an obsure 192 page book which had been printed 10 years earlier would be the offer, when we normally would offer a book that would be used in a Bible Study.

    At that stage I had no idea it was written by Ray Franz. I doubt any of us in the cong did.

    I remember as an adult JW hearing that a GB member had left the organization, but the details were very vague. It wasn’t until I started doing research on the net that I found out who he was.

  • Titus

    BTW, Commentary on James was written by Ed Dunlap. Maybe I am wrong.... But I think that Ray writes about that in CoC.

  • Broken Promises
  • Titus

    No problem.

  • WTWizard

    I believe it was at a boasting session when Raymond Franz was being used as an example that even Governing Body members can turn apostate. And, if they can, those at the bottom had better watch out that they don't turn apostate, too.

    Funny thing, I think Raymond Franz did more to try and improve the religion than everyone else in the whole religion put together.

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