Why does Satan get to talk to God if they are real enemies?

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    In the Book of Job, Satan ( who is already the enemy of God) is talking to God about allowing him to torment Job to prove a point on the real reason Job and humans serve him. They have a one on one conversation.

    When you really think about it,why would God talk or even listen to Satan if they are true enemies?

    Being a Witness for over 35 years,the Wts made me fear Satan and his demons. They( Satan and his demons) tempted us with hard rock music,watch improper movies,skip meetings,become greedy with money,and have fear to preach ''the good news''.Now,I believe humans create and are responsible for all the evil in the world.

    Is Satan just a made up character or is he real ? Did he really talk to God?

  • serenitynow!

    Of course satan is made up. Just like god is.

  • mrsjones5

    Maybe they're frienemies?

  • mentallyfree31

    According to WT, there are invisible people running around everywhere. I have never seen one. I don't know anybody that has ever seen one. I don't know anybody that can take me somewhere and show me one.


  • leavingwt
  • John Kesler
    John Kesler

    Is Satan just a made up character or is he real ? Did he really talk to God?

    The concept of Satan evolved, and in Job he is not the malevolent being he becomes by NT times. Look at the footnote in The Jewish Study Bible for Job 1:6 for a brief explanation. An excellent summary of the evolution of Satan is M. Eugene Boring's in The People's New Testament Commentary on pp. 127-129 titled "Satan, The Devil, And Demons In Biblical Theology." Fortunately, it is available for viewing at Amazon.com.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    John Kesler is spot on. Satan did not have the malevolence that he enjoys today.

    Bible writers said that Judah and Israel were punished by GOD for their disobedience to his Laws and Commands. It is clearly stated that God employed human forces directly to carry out his punishment ("my servant Nebuchadrezzar", for example).

    This idea that the ills which befall us are punishment carried out by God is still basic to the thinking of many modern Jews. My own 99-year old mother recently said that she must have been very bad because God was punishing her. Satan as a means of punishment does not enter her thinking.


  • techdotcom

    One problem I have with the bible in general is that although Satan is painted as the evil incarnate, out to destroy God/Jehovah's right to rule is that he does so exclusively thru reason and logic while the "good guy" in this story is the one who at the end of it all uses violence to enforce his will agianst a VAST majority of humans. This of course shows how God/Jehovah is the rightfull ruler of mankind......I still can't under stand how humanity in general can literally look at this and not feel thier brain twisting in thier skulls a little...

  • Rabbit

    Hmmmm...Satan talks Eve into the Big Fruit Caper, then, Satan talks God into letting him bugger Job.

    Are God, Adam & Eve all weakminded, compared to that silver-tongued devil - Satan?

  • PSacramento

    If Satan is one of God's creation, a fallen Angel as portrayed in the NT then yes, God speaks to Him like he speaks to any of his Children.

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