Comparison of the 2010 "generations" with previous WT declarations

by Doug Mason 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • steve2

    Doug, thanks so much for your well presented comparative overview. Hard-hitting yet so thought provoking. I like the side by side depiction of the 'overlapping' generations. A nice amendment of the graph I first saw in the old, slim "Truth" book form 1968.

    The concept of overlapping genrations paves the way for an ongoing series of overlaps which is patently ridiculous, except of course to those who don't think. Meanwhile, which ever way it is argued, the end recedes into the distance.....

  • vivalavida

    Thanks, saved it too.


  • Michelle365

    Love this! Thanks Doug.

  • Titus


    I have two versions of "Truth" book. In one, the arrow above the Bible says "within one generation", but in second it says "within one period of time".

    First is from 1968, and second from 1982.

    Is that in English edition too?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    That pdf should be made into a slideshow for youtube! Great work!!!

    Several things stand out. One thing that made me chuckle was that in 1995 they had to pull the word "apparently" out of their azz. Another is how they changed the age from 15 in 1914 to 10 in 1914 and absolutely no babies to babies born in 1914. LOL.

  • snowbird

    Great job!

    I am shaking my head.


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