What You Are Confronted With in a Bookstore

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  • BurnTheShips

    Amazon has reduced my footprint in a store considerably. I usually know what I want before I buy it, and a book in the mail feels like a gift from Santa.


  • littlerockguy

    Amazon, ebay and half.com are some of my best friends



    I am usually drawn to history (American history) and religion (though most commercial book stores are very light in that subject, so I go to independents in Pasadena or Fullerton). I do not read political books because they are echo chambers for politics of the author.

  • StAnn

    Sooner, hope your son is okay. {{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}

    It's yard sale season. I LOVE yard sale season because I live near a university. There are lots of really good books in these sales. I don't usually buy books at yard sales because they consist of romances (blech) and westerns. But in the university neighborhood, I come across really interesting novels and other diverse books I would never have considered buying in a book store. And they usually cost no more than $1.

    I am such a bibliophile that once I had to move to a bigger apartment to accommodate my books. And my husband is even worse...!

    ATJeff~Live and let live, baby. I believe only a small minority of people really care that deeply about politics. Unless it's a passion of yours, just move on to the sections that interest you.


  • sir82


    But...but...but...where do you keep your bound volumes?

  • Jankyn

    I try to read the "opposite" opinion regularly (although "opposite" assumes there are only two sides to an issue, when in fact there are a multitude of ways of seeing). However, when it comes to the far-wings of anything, I tend to get the books from the library, so the chattering class isn't making any money off me!

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