What's with the hijab?

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  • truthseeker100

    These women "choose" to wear the burka in the same way that JW children "choose" to die rather than accept blood. When you limit people's access to knowledge you can make all sorts of things feel like a free choice.

    So true!
  • jws

    LisaRose wrote:

    I think some younger women wear one because of family pressure, so they otherwise like to dress as any other young girl,

    That part I don't get either. Your family wants you to wear it. But they don't mind you're in skin-tight clothes and singing songs about sleeping with guys (not their husband)? I would expect the older family members to be even more traditional. I would think they'd see her before she leaves the house and after she comes home. If they understand the reasons for the hijab (and other forms of covering), how can they be OK with the skin tight clothes?

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