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  • stevieb1

    Just a quick thought - I am a firm believer in freedom of speech etc, but having been on this forum for some time I honestly can't say that I can introduce a doubting JW interested in true Christianity to this board. Some of the deep discussions on JW doctrine are excellent, but everything else seems to be nonsense in my opinion. Why can't this site be more like the old www.witnesses.net which seemed to have more spiritual meat rather than backbiting, gossip, and rumour and even obscenity.

    Sorry for my frank opinion

  • TR
    I honestly can't say that I can introduce a doubting JW interested in true Christianity to this board.

    If someone is hell bent on being a hard core fundy Christian, even after learning that the WTS is a fraud, I wouldn't either.


    "YK is his name, false prophecy is his game"

  • Abaddon

    stevieb1; Welcome to a place where you DON'T have to be carefull about what you say (you apologiesed for expressing an opinion). Please see my comments on this topic I addressed to target at http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=19366&site=3.

    This is not a show place for glistening imperical proofs of the falsity of the JW's doctine and high toned conversation. There are places more dedicated to the disemination of facts, like the links at the foot of the page.

    This is a discussion board, that's all, but that 'all' is very important, as it means that people can realise that there are many many many just like them. People can come here to talk, not just about the process of realisation that they have been the victim of a high control group, but the process of normalisation, and about everyday minutae with those they come to like and know.

    That may be nonsense to you, but others need it. And whilst getting a 'doubting JW interested in true Christianity' might be your motives, getting people out of a high control group and equipped with some basic critical thinking skills is all I want. I don't give a monkies what people believe, provided they don't expect me to agree with them without proper proof.

    Your tacit assumption is that people should become 'true Christians', and to those that do, well, good luck to them even if I disagree.

    You should not expect everyone to end up this way, and therefore you must tolerate the fact that stuff that your Christian conscience objects to will come up, as there are some non-Christians here with out the same sensibilities as you. They don't expect you to act like them, so the reverse should apply.

    All the best

    People living in glass paradigms shouldn't throw stones...

  • aChristian

    You wrote: I honestly can't say that I can introduce a doubting JW interested in true Christianity to this board.

    There are very few here who claim to be Christians. Why? Probably because very few of the exJWs here had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ when they were JWs. As you probably know, JWs are not followers of Jesus Christ, they are followers of the Watchtower. So, once JWs lose their faith in the Watchtower no faith in Christ remains, because none existed to begin with. There are a few Christians who post on this board. But, as you have noticed, it is for the most part a vast spiritual wasteland.

    To make matters worse, because of the very bad experience all of these people have had with the JW religion, most of them are very skeptical of anything "religious," and are thus very resistant to the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • flower


    i agree with you 100%. as someone who just recently found this site and just started learning the truth about the society, its very difficult to convince yourself of what is the truth and what isnt. coming here and seeing mostly references to sexuality, arguments and obscene language it makes you wonder if you are doing the right thing by being here. especially for someone who just left or is leaving the 'truth' its hard to come here and be convinced of anything at first.

    fortunately though, it appears that the periods of 'unrelated' topics seem to come in waves. recently there was some arguing about 'fluff' posts and it seems that these kind of posts have picked up dramatically since then. i'm very grateful to God that when I found this place there wasnt nearly as many and what i read convinced me to research the org further.

    i have read enough at other sites and in books to know that the 'truth' is a lie but at times the indoctrinization is so deep that i find myself convincing myself that i am making a mistake. i come here and see all these vulgar unrelated topics and it puts even more doubts in my mind. even though i know the truth, days will go by where i feel i am wrong and where i dont know one thing from another.

    this site cannot be the main source of information for a newly doubting or leaving JW. they need to read some of the quieter boards on other sites that have more related topics based on facts and research. i would send them to randy's site before this one or brother blizards (i think thats the name). this one is great for forming friendships with other xjw's and sharing experiences but for information and facts about the org it is too hard to get that information here.

    this place is great once you know the facts and accept that its a lie.


  • Joseph Joachim
    Joseph Joachim

    most of them are very skeptical of anything "religious,"


    Most of us are skeptical about everything, not just religion. Being skeptical does not mean you don't believe; it means that you demand sound proof before you believe. For instance, I don't believe in UFO's. Show me a flying saucer and I will believe; but don't tell me "that black spot in the garden was made by a spaceship yesterday" because that's not good enough for me. The same with religion; show me evidence that the Bible is inspired by God, and I will believe.

  • Joseph Joachim
    Joseph Joachim

    you apologiesed for expressing an opinion

    Hey Abaddon, he's probably American. Apologizing is the second most practiced sport in the US (the first one is sueing each other).

    Joseph Joachim, an overly-enthusiastic pundit of borderline reality

  • teejay


    I think it would be cool if you defined "true Christianity." Could you do that for us? The concept has different meanings to different people.

    Beyond that, I sure you agree that no one site on the net will be the perfect site that satisfies all of one's needs, regardless of your religious identity. Even here, there are various forums—Bible Research; jokes; JW Scandles/Coverups; etc.—that are meant to satisfy various tastes. There's nothing wrong with that.

    While arguments and debates take place too often sometimes, most of the participants here prefer this forum to Wit.net. or most other "JW" discussion boards that are so heavily moderated and controlled that honest discussion is impossible.

    Thanks for your opinion.


  • aChristian

    : show me evidence that the Bible is inspired by God, and I will believe

    If you really are willing to become a servant of God, I believe you will find all the evidence you need to put your faith in Him. However, if you are not really willing to serve God, I don't think you will ever find enough evidence to compel you to now bend your knees to Him. For the Bible tells us that God has chosen to save that time for Judgment Day.

  • Abaddon


    ... it is for the most part a vast spiritual wasteland.

    To make matters worse, because of the very bad experience all of these people have had with the JW religion, most of them are very skeptical of anything "religious," and are thus very resistant to the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Why I was trying to be 'nice', and not devalue the beliefs of stevieb1 in my reply, I don't know. To be fair, he's not the one who sounds like he's sneering when talking about non-Christians, a trait you'd be wise to adopt, aChristian. Maybe I misread you... I HOPE SO!

    Joseph is right. What you acquire when you leave a high-control group is critical thinking ability, NOT a resistance to other religious thought. You become skeptical, perhaps hyper-skeptical, but being skeptical can only disprove or prove something, or leave it on the cusp between, so being hyper-skeptical doesn't mean you don't believe provable truths, it just means you are... careful about what you believe.

    I get so tired of theists running the poor excuse for an arguement around that you rehash above. It makes me wonder about their ability to think critically! Are you gonna say we are 'bitter' next? That way you'll be conforming to the conditioning even more closely!!

    Please, present a better argument. Better still, give us some nice solid evidence for what you believe. I doubt if you can present anything that has not already been closely examined and discarded as unsatisfactory evidence by many of the non-Christians here. Believe me, the day someone gives me satisfactory proof of god, or of Jesus being his son, is the day I believe. I have no agenda other than following what I believe sincerely to be true. So save your foundless accusations...

    ... try instead to show the respect for others beliefs, or their right to those beliefs. God knows it ain't easy, but if poor little atheists divorced from Christ's ransom can try and do it, I'm sure you'll give it a go...

    Oh, by the way, your arguement can be reversed like this;

    To make matters worse, because of the conditioning all of these people have had with the JW religion, many of them are very suseptable to anything "religious," and are poor in exercising critical thinking, or being able to develop schemes for determining the validity of arguementation or evidence. They also find it hard to accept that death is probably the end of an individuals personality, and cling to beliefs in an after-life rather than reforming their paradigms on a more provable basis.

    If you find that offensive, then you'll know what response your above quoted arguement provokes in the people you apply it to.

    There is no arguement yet presented which explains the absence of certainty of god. Oh wow, atheists can't prove there is no god; theists can only point to a bewildering array of gods from the sublime to the ridiculous

    People living in glass paradigms shouldn't throw stones...

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