Angry mob pelt Assembly Hall with stones

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  • purplesofa

    Once upon a time, I could picture myself sitting there, while rocks are being thrown, listening to the speaker

    acting as if nothing is going on, relishing in the persecution

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Yeah, we were always told to ready ourselves for the Great Persecution.

  • iknowall558

    Jehovah's Witnesses News, Library, History, Videos, Talks, Illustrations Thanks Radek for posting this....Do you know which country this happened in?

    Jehovah's Witnesses: Brother Remain Calm during an assembly while angry crowd outside pelt with ston Would you like to assist us in adding important events in Theocratic/Biblical history? This is a public calendar.Please contact us with your email address if you would like to add events to this calendar.

    5 hours ago · View Feedback (11) Hide Feedback (11) · Share 2 people like this. Basoulini Rou thx for sharing..i saw the video..we see signs tht showing us tht the end is very near..!... 5 hours ago · Flag Mitsy Boll Rahaman May Jehovah give them strength and courage! The end of this system is near!!! Reminded me of how they treated Jesus! May our brothers and sisters be courageous at this time of the end!!!! 4 hours ago · Flag Brooke Elizabeth SAME AS HAPPENED TO STEPHEN. 4 hours ago · Flag Matthew Green Satan's offspring right outside...Funny because the jewish religion pretends it's all about peace. 4 hours ago · Flag Robert Nolan Clark WOW...if people believe that we live in a world of rational thinking ...this scene reminded me of the hypocritical pharisees praying on the street to impress everyone with their piety...and thank Jah for the courage these brothers and sisters exhibited... 4 hours ago · Flag Radek Mi Probably in Israel. 3 hours ago · Flag Karlene Davidson Where did this happen? about an hour ago · Flag Letitia Pannell we will see more of this as time goes on 22 minutes ago · Flag Melanie Sloan Don't people show just who's side they're really on? A God of peace and love.... Or a God of hate, intolerance and violence. Their actions speak volumes. 6 minutes ago · Flag </form>
    Leonard McCarthy Tanx a mil, 4 Deleting my comment, that means as one of Jehovah's Witnesses I've no opinion Thank You very much, And I'll be reporting this page to Facebook as I take personal offence of the goatee topic as i would say u pin pointed at me after my comment, because it seems to me u get a kick out annoyin people both in ... the truth and also in the world with ur topics!

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    Limuel Mediana Goite Brothers and Sisters.. Hi.. add me up as a friend so we chat and talk sometime.. :P just got home from a meeting :)

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    Radek Mi hM

    MVI_3970.AVI ??????????? ????????!!!!

    7 hours ago · View Feedback (1) Hide Feedback (1) · Share · Flag Jehovah's Witnesses News, Library, History, Videos, Talks, Illustrations What country did this happen in? 3 hours ago · Flag </form>
    Kelly Wallace Hey brothers. Try this experiment that the speaker 2day illustrated. GET A PEN & some paper and try writing ur name WITHOUT USING UR THUMB!

    8 hours ago · View Feedback (2) Hide Feedback (2) · Flag Mwape Malisa likes this. Kelly Wallace The point was that we take things like our thumbs for granted cos it's in use all the time. Everything Jehovah has made includin our thumb is for a purpose 5 hours ago · Flag </form>
    Johncarlo Mendoza eLow 2 all brother and sister..greeting from.minalin cong..from pampanga!

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    Richard Baafi Boakye On a new born land was a nation born to Jehovah in this our day... There it stands in holy adornment, letting pure worship hold full sway...<< Highly exalted, ne'er to be halted, is God's worship on mount zion's height... There His nation, and the great crowd, now to Jehovah His great delight>>. - (Jehovah's Holy Name ... #141)... I'll NEVER forget this song ;-D... Breaks my heart that it's not in the New Song Book ;-(.

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    Nikiwe Mamba People I came accross dis group yesterday, and I must say I somehow love it. Am a Witness from Swaziland and would just love 2 know brothers en sistaz if it z a JW official site or what. Plz help

    15 hours ago · View Feedback (2) Hide Feedback (2) · Flag Benny Navarro Roldan likes this. Mwape Malisa Official site is
    This is just for social purpose & yes we r the Jehovah's Witnesses.Not the apostates. 7 hours ago · Flag </form>
    Jehovah's Witnesses News, Library, History, Videos, Talks, Illustrations Supplier costs will go up to ship thier products. Other Retailers cost of the same product will be even higher. WM now will OWN even the supply chain itself. Talk about efficiency!!....on the other hand....I am sure some will feel this is unfair competition...I bet at least 80% of us on here shop at Wal Mart for our daily needs/food.

    Wal-Mart Asks Suppliers to Cede Control of Deliveries (Update2) - BusinessWeek Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer, is seeking to take over U.S. transportation services from suppliers in an effort to reduce the cost of hauling goods.

    17 hours ago · View Feedback (9) Hide Feedback (9) · Share Rhizz Lavaro likes this. Candi Benavides You are absolutely right about WM.. i like how you said you liken it to a drug and so on... well put.. I work at a grocery store and walmart may be putting two of our stores out of business.. =( i do not shop there or support them 11 hours ago · Flag Michael Brains Plis how far can a company go? i have seen movies where they show the future of america when comanies rule the country. 10 hours ago · Flag </form> Older Posts
  • betterdaze

    Haredim protest 'missionary activity' in Holon

    Some 100 ultra-Orthodox men hurl stones at sports hall in central city during Jehovah's Witnesses conference, call police officers 'Nazis'

    Yoav Zitun

    Published: 05.01.10, 15:20 / Israel Ne

    Some 900 people on Saturday participated in a conference of the Jehovah's Witnesses denomination in the central city of Holon. The event was held under tight security at a municipal basketball hall in the Kiryat Sharet neighborhood.

    Watch the video filmed by one of the participants.

    At around 11 am, about 100 ultra-Orthodox men arrived in the area and began hurling stones and potatoes at the building, smashed its windows and tried to break in. They were stopped by a police force and security guards.

    The haredim continued to stand outside the building, chanting "Nazis" at the police officers and "Russians, go back to Russia" at the participants.

    One of the security guards told Ynet, "One of the haredim kicked me in the back, while the others chanted, 'Death to the Zionists.' We were lucky that the police were here from the very beginning.

    Smashed windows (Photo: Yoav Zitun)

    Another guard, who stopped the protestors from entering the hall, added that "at first there were only a few of them, and then masses suddenly arrived. They wouldn't stop cursing, and only stopped when their rabbi told them to."

    The police said no arrests had been made.

    The organizers of the event, which takes place once every few months, had prepared for the haredi protest in advance after spotting signs hung in the neighborhood on Friday, calling on the public to demonstrate against the conference.

    'Jewish souls hunted for money'

    Under the banner, "Beware – missionaries in Holon!!!", the ads distributed around the neighborhood warned that "damned evil people are here to murder people and souls in Israel, like in the days of the inquisition, when Jews were slaughtered cold bloodedly.

    "These are the corrupt missionaries who are hunting Jewish souls for money. Different elements calling themselves 'Jews' are helping these criminals carry out their scheme in public, for a bribe, and have allowed them to come to our city Holon and preach their impure and poisonous beliefs."

    Genadi Korobov, one of the organizers, was addressing the audience as the building was pelted with stones. "This is the third time in the past year that we visit Holon. We are already used to the haredi objection, but the amount and size of the stones we were hit with today was unusual," he said.

    "In the middle of my address, we suddenly heard the windows being smashed, and very large stones landed on the hall's parquet, right next to disabled people in wheelchairs, who were sitting in special places. Luckily, no one was hurt, but we were forced to move the disabled audience to the center of the hall.

    Korobov noted that despite the violent protest, the conference – which included lectures, lessons and prayers – continued as planned under the banner, "Time is running out."

  • iknowall558

    This is where I got it.....seems they dont know any details either.

  • betterdaze

    Molotov cocktails hurled at Pais Lottery auditorium in Holon

    05.01.10, 23:54 / Israel News

    Two Molotov cocktails were hurled at the Pais Lottery auditorium in Holon Saturday. No injuries were reported, however damage was caused to the building.

    Earlier on Saturday dozens of haredim hurled stones at the site, which hosted a Jehovah's Witnesses conference. (Yoav Zitun)

  • iknowall558

    Oh thanks betterdaze. We must have posted at the same time.

  • Anti-Christ

    I hate it when stuff like this happens all it does is reinforce their persecution complex.

  • thetrueone

    The comments on Facebook tells the true story of the sickly indoctrination that JWS are put through.

    " This is a sigh of the END " , how many times was that spoken in a Kingdom Hall.

    We're being prosecuted just as Jesus was.....Barf Puke Fart

  • peaches

    yup,,,,the end is really clear now...YEAH,,,,FOR prophecy fulfilled...."know that your deliverence is near"....(all that is missing is the banjo)

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