Henry Ford's Philosophy And Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • IsaacJ22

    I noticed this as well. It's a wonderful little engine for the Society. They drive demand and supply in synchronicity.

    The assemblies are a big part of it. Witnesses go the assemblies, always hoping for some new literature. When I was a Witness, that was the high light of every convention as everything else is pretty much more of the same. Then the announcement comes that some new book or tract is available, and you HAVE to get your copy to be ready for the impending book study.

    In theory, the literature is free, but as you know, you're expected to donate for it. A really good Witness donates enough for someone else to get a free copy too, in theory. Then you end up giving the literature out in field service. If someone takes it, you're expected to get a donation OR to donate for it yourself so the Society doesn't suffer a loss. They are a very poor billion dollar company. ;-)

    One day, another book will come out. It'll have pretty much the same content. But you'll buy it too. On and on it goes.

    The Witnesses are the Society's best, most loyal customers.

    If only Publisher's Clearing House had such a perfect system...


  • OnTheWayOut

    Good article. It was the plan at WTS until the lawyers told the corporation that the "no-charge" for the tax-free magazines included not suggesting a cost to the members. For a few years after the voluntary donations started, they were still strong-arming the congregations through the C.O. to come up with standard donations for the mags.

    The members slowly felt they were already giving their time, so they wouldn't give their money too. Oh, they will turn in money from the public, but they don't get much from the public.

    If they would just charge $0.50 per mag., they could say the Watchtower and Awake were $1 and they could pay the stinking tax. People are still ignorant enough about the WT cult that they would think it was a good work and pay the dollar to throw their personal copies away.

  • hoser

    Even better is the CD rom watchtower library. "suggested" contribution is $50.00 dollars. It costs less than 50 cents to make.

  • straightshooter

    It amazes me what the WTS will do to avoid paying taxes. When the "no-charge" arrangement came out, the CO and boe would monitor the contibutions carefully going to the WTS. In the last few years it appears that either they don't care or the WTS has enough money from property sales.

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