When are they the most beautiful?

by ashitaka 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gozz
    When he doesn't know I'm watching and he is playing or reading to our daughter (toddler). He is so loving, and in awe of her.

    *sigh* I love that man.

    C2F, you write poetry? He sees the you in the toddler. Happy for you for what you've got.

  • closer2fine

    Gozz, *tears in my eyes* that was wonderful, thank you for that

    He sees the you in the toddler

    blew me away.


    Failing is not falling, it is staying down and not picking yourself back up!
  • Sky

    When he is behind prison bars.....

    I really dont have anyone that I can say what their most beautiful time is...

    only my ex, and as I said, when he is behind prison bars...

  • AMarie

    ROTFLMA @ Sky. LOLOLOL...That is too funny. I think we've all had feelings like that from time to time. I could probably list 2 or 3 exes.

    My boyfriend looks the sweetest when he sleeps. There is nothing I love more than curly up next to him when he's in that peaceful state and putting my arms around him. And I think he is the most gorgeous when he laughs. His entire face lights up with a laugh that is contagious. God I love that man!


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