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  • Trixie

    Does anyone remember taking those Kingdom Ministry School tests once or twice a year at the KH? What was that all about? Latinadivina713 seems to feel it was meant as a guilt tool to make you study the bible more. Did anyone really take that test seriously? It seemed ridiculous for a religion that frowned on people taking any sort of educational pursuits seriously to give a test on your ability to pay attention to bad speakers and remember minor details. I was thinking this over last night and was always amazed that people just sat and took that test seriously. No one collected your answers, we didn't switch and correct a neighbor's paper (which would led you to study for fear of embarassment), so why did we do this?
    And as long as I'm on a tirade, what kept people from cheating on that test? The questions came early with a KM, so why not just do the answers ahead of time? What would be the punishment for cheating?There should have been some sort of reward for getting a good score on that test, like getting out of giving a talk for the next year.

  • ashitaka

    All I remember is doodling during the Reviews, even as an adult. They bored me to death.

    Went to the local convienence store sometimes and got a coffe and a biscuit while waiting for it to finish, that was nice at least.

  • LB

    I took the first couple of yearly tests seriously, then I looked around the hall and saw many drawing cartoons. I didn't feel guilty although I bet a lot of people do.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • Frenchy

    Years back those papers were picked up by the School Servant, graded and returned. That was dropped quite a while back and then you were allowed to grade your own paper and give yourself a score. Later that scoring thing was dropped too when they started printing the test in the KM along with references to answers to the questions.

    No one likes written review night except the TMSO who pretty much gets the night off. He's got the answer sheet so he doesn't even have to pretend to take the test and he doesn't have to listen to the boring parts and go up there and counsel people.

  • Angharad

    The Rotten Review - I'd forgotten about that. (I called it that in front of an elder once - just slipped out! - opps)

    Boring as hell, just showed up how little I'd been listening the last six months!

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