Are Jehovah's Witnesses Disfellowshipped for Taking a Blood Transfusion?

by ThomasCovenant 31 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • civicsi00
    and the jw punishment for fornication is..................................

    Not disfellowshipping if the person shows a 'repentant' attitude. In fact, I would be willing to bet that most elders would consider taking a blood transfusion FAR, FAR WORSE than fornication. But taking a blood transfusion would probably automatically disassociate the person from the congregation.

  • ?evrything

    For some reason Im not allowed to post new topics so i bumped this article... anyway, I just heard an interesting observation from a friend who indicated that a witness he knows is going in for a major operation. When speaking with the doctor, he told the doc that he was JW. Dr respected that but what he said in return is the kicker. Doc asked him, “So are you completely 100% sure you do not want a transfusion if needed OR are you like some JW’s who tell me ‘Doc, if my life is on the line, do it.’” According to the doc about half of them “slide” that info in to him before operation.. I find that kind of hard to believe with the medical directions and all. I mean couldn’t he get a mal practice suit if he ended up giving he blood and the person happens to get sick from it? And if this is true just goes to prove that “about half” of all think this is a croc and are in it for the wrong reasons…. Imagine that.

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