What is God?

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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Erich, you replied
    Oh yes.
    For this reason, a high "spiritual entity", but of lower state than YHVH/JHWH, has become a human being. "The son of God".
    To show what is "Gods love",
    We know it was Jesus Christ.
    We should follow his boot-traps - to go the way of "truth".
    Sure you know all. I need not to say more.

    I don't get your point? Are you correcting me or agreeing or being sarcastic?

    As well as ask people all religions, all over the world, they will say the bible?
    I think all religions could also find same good in the koran, a book of zen, and confusious as well as dare I say WT, and all agree.
    Where they loose it is when they decide that they are the only ones that practice good will BECAUSE of A,B & C rule or reason, so that the ones leading the good clean life for D,E & F are wrong so their good life does not count.
    And if you look further into all these religions you quickly find the ones who discount the others.

  • Erich

    No, will power:

    What I want'd to say is that a minimalistic version of the bible's content might be of help to convince all the people:

    Not 100 or 1000 several exegese books.
    The "GOLDEN RULE" Jesus Christ told us.
    The name of the Almighty God and its meaning.
    The need of a new righteous world order and his coming, promised.
    And the "new scrolls" to be opened, (see Re. 20:12)
    IMO, that must be enough

    For in 2014 it is hundred years after Jesus Christ's invisible recurrent, and besides, many years the Kingdom of God lasts now, I think its now high time the WTS should come out with the NEW SCROLLS..,-)

    Independent of Armageddon comes meanwhile or not! They have no right to let the mankind waiting until Armageddon, and forbid them simultaneously to hope at any sort of scientific HEALING of the world (because they think that "scientific efforts for an uncleaned satanic world are wasted")


  • Satanus


    Of course, i can't prove god even exists. No one can prove it doesn't exist either. Decide for yourself w the evidence that is available. The mystics have some practices that lead one in the direction of experiencing god for oneself. But it's a long road. An atheist will tell a mystic that it is all imaginings in his head. God cannot be proved or disproved in a laboratory. So, again, even after the experience, one decides for oneself about this subject.

    Where life originated from? If there is a god, probably from it, but who really knows how or when? If there is no god, ... i draw a total blank on the origin of life.

    I suppose a logical next question would be: from where did god come? I have a theory that it is an evolving consciousness from a potential. Sort of the reverse of when say for instance a proton and antiproton meeting and anihalating each other. If i remember right the result is a flash of light. Tricky stuff. Old hindu philosophy tries to explain gods origin.

    I have no fear for atheists, that a god might judge them harshly for not believing. God is way beyond that type of thing. In the afterlife (if there is one), atheists may do better than fundy christians.


  • RWC


    I firmly believe in the God of the Bible. Although there are alot of resons for this,the main reason is the proof that Jesus Christ rose from the dead as he said he would. Christianity, based upon the life of Jesus Christ as explained in the Bible, shows that God existed in the man Jesus and that he rose from the dead. This plan is spelled out in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament. It confirms that God exists as described in the Bible and that he did what he foretold he would do.

    The idea that God is merciful at one moment and vengeful the next is not really accurate. His basic nature is the same throughout the Bible. He is consistent based upon his basic nature. At times he punishes when necessary, at times he shows his mercy and grace. Not unlike a parent dealing with his children. He gave us a free will to do as we choose. If we go against him we face the consequences. If we follow him we reap the benefits. The decision is ours.

    Scientists will go on forever to attempt to prove the origin of life. To date they are far short of the goal to prove that life came into being without some outside influence to get it started. The first cloud of chemicals that started the Big Bang had to come from somewhere or you have to believe that it always existed. If you can believe that a cloud of chemicals always existed and was eternal, it is not hard to believe that God has always existed and is eternal. Particularly when you have evidence beyond the starting point to say that God still exists and has worked in the lives of his people.

    God Bless you.

  • Thomas Poole
    Thomas Poole

    When I open the Bible I love what I read. I am in awe of what I read. I respect what I read.

    I know the futility of this life. I know God exists. I have seen the manifestation of his Holy Spirit against unclean spirits.

    I am priviledged to know Christ. I am a miserable nothing without Christ. His spirit manifests itself with my spirit. I have managed to do most things wrong in my life; however, I have done this rightly by God's grace upon me.

    II Cor. 5:16-17 ... I once estimated Christ by what is external. I no longer estimate him such. There is a new creation whenever a man comes to be in Christ; what is old is gone, the new has come.

    I find Salvation is a choice of will. The journey there is in our nature to search for God.

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