What makes the GB different?

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  • Earnest

    Hi Thinker,

    You asked "if the GB ever gave an explanation of HOW they were guided by the spirit." Like Elijah III, I do remember the explanation that members of the anointed write into Bethel about their understanding of scriptures and scriptural issues and that is how it can be said that the faithful and discreet slave provide the food although the books and articles are written by a comparative few. I'm not certain whether it was a Question from Readers or a public talk that I got this from...probably the former and most likely some time in the 1950s if I am to listen to that part of the brain where the memory is a vague shape in the mist.

    I'm not entirely convinced by this explanation as my grandmother who was baptised in 1919 and believed herself to be of the remnant had a very deep but simple faith and would have considered it presumptuous to write in and tell them what her understanding was. And even had she done so she would not have "pulled rank" and said she was anointed so they had better listen to her ideas. Of course there were doubtless members of the remnant who did write in but I am just saying what my own direct observations are and wonder if that is not true of the majority.


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  • thinker

    Elijah and Earnest,
    Thank you for the information, but the quotes you referenced seem more concerned with WHO is being given insight. I was looking for an explaination of HOW it happens. The GB seems incapable of explaining, so they "pass the buck" to the anointed?
    As I said earlier, Russell was the only quote I found which attempted to explain how it happened.

  • ElijahTheThird

    That there is no explination given by the GB is rather odd in and of it's self I would say.

    All I can offer is my own understanding of HOW, and what I have learned in 30 years of having "insight". This hasn't been easy as the GB has made it so. For many decades it has been that if the Anointed ones were known to be meeting they were kicked out! But by meeting we discovered that when insight about something came to one it was given to all others at the same time. BECAUSE we talked with each other we learned this. We know that these insights can come from the words of another, in a dream, into your mind as a thought or along with emotions to enhance the insight. It is because we can now talk using the WWW and discuss these insights and VERIFY them along with researching scripture to make sure that we can release these insights confidently to any and all.

    God's Kingdom by His Anointed is a GOVERNMENT!
    NOT a religion!

    Just start oiling up your "wine skin", because some of these "insights" are gonna turn your insides out! Yes, many other religions have had the gift of Anointed ones in their understanding of truth. You can see the influence through out history amongst the religions. There is so much more to this story,,, and it is gonna take time to tell and to get it all verified and ratified by others of the Calling.

  • thinker

    Your post above is one of the most interesting I've ever read here. I hope you'll expand on it soon.

  • ElijahTheThird

    New thread = What makes the GB different? or MADE?!


  • plmkrzy

    New thread = What makes the GB different? or MADE?!

    Is this comming soon?
    I am very interested in what you have to say about
    this.I also have a background of being very close
    to someone who is anointed and I have always pretty
    much kept certain things that have been shared with
    me to myself simply because I can't imagin anyone
    relateing to it. I have a great deal of respect for
    my mom even though I may not have the same respect
    for the WTBTS. There are a lot of things that just
    don't add up when it comes to the way they seem to
    want to pick and choose thier own personal anointed.
    I believe my mom is and not because she's my mom but
    because she always seemed to have a stronger insight
    interpeting scripture then that of, shuuush....the GB.
    but she has always remained very modest never bolting
    out a rebuttel when she was in disagreement with
    something that was said from the speaker ect. She
    usually does as she damn well pleases as long as it
    is within the area of being a good christian regardless
    of who may dictate how a christian should behave,
    she usually chooses to follow Jesus example rather
    then mans. I've never known her to shunn anyone, ever,
    unless they deserved it and they would have had to
    do something really bad like hurt a child or murder
    someone and then again she might not even shunn a
    murderer if it was someone who murdered a child
    molester, in fact she would probably shake thier hand.
    Anyway i am anxious to hear what your expierences are.

  • ElijahTheThird

    Hello Plmkrzy;
    Yes, it does sound like she has the attitude of the Called Ones. An aspect you may not know about her is that she is fully capable of ending ones life herself when and if it is necessary. As it is with ALL those Anointed. There is much more to this story, and I hope to get it out and discussed as I think this will bring unity to all concerned with the rest of the story about the Anointed and their insights. And the thread is up.

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