The Benefit of Humour ..........for Teejay

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  • Aussiemanhunter

    Gerday TeeJay,
    Thanks for the welcome. :-)

    >Got a question for ya, Aussiemanhunter (welcome, btw),
    >If Lifton hadn't mentioned humor as a method for helping people who >are down "in his clasic text 'Thought Reform and the Psychology of >Totalism'", would it still be true?

    Perhaps my choice of the word "down" in reference to Liftons documentation of the use of "humour" is in need of some clarification.

    Lifton documented the "brainwashing" techniques used by the chinese communists on indeginious peoples of China and also on some Western prisoners who were released to Hong Kong where he met them.

    In this work, he also documented successful psychological strategies used by those prisoners to combat and reduce the effect of the "brainwashing".

    Of those successful strategies, humour was a major one, found to be very successful in rebuttal of the psychological crap that the prisoners were immersed in for the majority of their waking hours.
    Humour has been found equally effective in aiding the recovery of cult victims who have been subject to "mind control".

    The Watchtower is a cult that has been documented to use "unethical psychological manipulation techniques" "mind control"

    In a forum such as this one, where there are numerous victims of WT "mind control" is entirely appropriate for there to be lots of humour.

    >I mean, if you'd never read that classic book but it was a bum on >the street who said, "hey, humor is a good way to cheer people up," >would you believe it? Would the bum saying it make it more true or >would the bum saying it make it less true?

    If Lifton had not documented the benefit of humour in fighting "mind control", I would still believe in its benefit, for when we laugh, the brain releases endorphins which help wash away physical and psychological pain (published neuro-science articles, not just my personal opinion )

    So, whoever gives us a laugh when we are "down" is actually assisting our "recovery"......The fact that Lifton has documented case studies of the effectiveness in fighting "mind control" just adds to its creditbility and usefulness on this forum.

    If a person trys to generate some original humour, this requires intense independant thinking.

    Independant thinking is exactely the opposite of what the Watchtower teaches and wants its clones (members) to exercise. All destructive cults actively seek to crush a persons sense of humour, its a threat to the leaders ability to "control"

    If you doubt my opinion about humour requiring intense independant thinking, then you try creating a completely new funny story or a joke to post to this forum. Notice that I said "Completely new".
    Its a great exercise for your intellect that will benefit others on this forum.

    A far better use of time and intelligence, than all of the bickering and personal attacks that have appeared here recently.(my opinion)

    Thanks again for the welcome

    Michael (The Magnificent Aussie Hunter)

  • VeniceIT

    well I guess this explains why most on this board are 'funny as hell'!


    "Injustice will continue until those who are not affected by it are as outraged as those who are."

  • Xena

    Well I wanted to say something profound here but without the first cup of coffee I find it is impossible..(like I could of come up with anything AFTER my coffee) I will content myself with:

    Good post, Good points!

    Humor has helped me thru a lot of rocky points in my life and I can certainly see the advantages of it in deprograming mind control.

  • ladonna

    Humor, when displayed by humans also shows their level of emotional stability.

    Has anyone ever been depressed and yet noticed that their sense of humor just vanishes???? Been there, and experienced it myself.

    But showing a great sense of humor after getting away from the WTBTS is a sign that we are recovering. Many JW's do not have a sense of humor.

    Ever noticed their 'glassy eyed look?' The blank stare if you tell a joke?


    Manners require time, and nothing is more vulgar than haste.
    —Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • unclebruce

    Hey Ana,

    I've been meaning to ask but i get overcome with the shyness - is 'aussiemanhunter' a girl? I saw the name up there a lot in chat and presumed it's a wild woman .. but now? .. I mean after reading a few of it's posts i was starting to think it was a bloke but now i see the long hair .. mmm .. have fun checking



    aussiemanhunter - RUN WHILE YA CAN!

  • ladonna


    No. He is definitely male. But he hunts Crocodiles, soooooooo



  • unclebruce

    wow, croc hunter eh? I played with some little ones in New Guinea and planned to go croc shooting with two brothers from Darwin once, ($40 a skin was a lot of money for half starved pioneers back in the '70's) .. ended up rural witnessing instead. (It used to feel weird witnessing with guns in the boot lol .. such is the way in some places)

    cheers, unc who ain't afraid of no crocs .. well not ones i can see anyway ;)

  • unclebruce

    PS: You scare me twice as much as he ever could lol .. I hate fighting girls LOL

  • ladonna


    You're not scared of crocs?????

    But you ARE scared of waxing


  • TMS


    Cutting through the psychobabble, r u tryin' to say "Laughter Is the Best Medicine?"


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