A Beautiful Mind

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  • hungry4life

    Anybody seen this Ron Howard film yet? I think it is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. Highly reccomended. If you have seen it don't give away the surprise. If you haven't seen it ask nothing about it just go to theater.


    This was a beautiful movie. This movie is a hallmark for NOT GIVING UP! Love is the only thing that can get us through anything.Fortunately for Mr. Crowe....he was surrounded by emotionally
    intelligent people of higher learning.One of a lesser status in life would probably still be wrapped in straight jacket in a dark dungen somewhere.

  • Prisca

    It hasn't been released here in Australia but I would like to see it.

  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire

    The movie made this question come to mind:
    Can a person think too much?
    I mean can a person go over numbers and look for formulas and mathimatical probablities in what appear to be random actions to such an extent that he suffers delusions from an over worked brain?

    I once was very consumed with find mathimatical formulas on my own, and found my people skills was going down the tubes. Numbers replaced people and the stress increased because my mind was consumed by numbers.

    While I was not nowhere as extreme as Nash's case,.. I see the push to be the best that you can be in anything, can often lead to unhappiness(if over done). Expectations that control one to the extent he has a mental overload and is unable to find simple happiness.

    Just my thoughts that I'm sur many will disagree with.

    If someone lived a trillion X longer than you, and had a billion X more reasoning ability would he come to the same conclusions as you?
  • patio34

    Hi Hungry4Life,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this film and had new admiration for Crowe's acting abilities. What a great performance. It had me thinking quite a bit as i left.

    It was an all-around enjoyable triumph-of-the-human spirit movie!

    "It's easier to put on slippers than to carpet the world." (from "Stuart Saves His Family")

  • teejay
  • hungry4life

    teejay thank you for directing me to that thread, I had not read it before. The analogies were great, maybe that's why I liked the movie so much. Prisca and others who have not seen the movie do not read the thread yet it will spoil it for you. The fact that I knew nothing about the movie when I went into the theater made it that much better. I am going back to see it today wwith my boyfriend ( he hasn't seen it yet) I am sure it will be a totally different experience for me and I will keep what was said in the thread in mind.

  • teejay


    I understand what you mean about knowing as little about the movie going in. That's how *I* was. I'd heard "something" but didn't know enough to know what it was about. As a result, the movie really worked for me. At a couple of places it actually set me on edge (like when the wife went out to the garage and opened the door). Until then, I didn't know WHAT was going on.

    I liked the scene at the award show when he looked over and saw his three 'friends' and.. well.. it was cool with him:

    "This is the way I am, and that's okay," he seemed to say by his reaction. "I can't change the past, it's part of who I am now, but I can go on." Very, very powerful message for me.

    I wouldn't mind reading *your* interpretation.

  • Seeker

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing this movie as it looks great. Just remember to think of it as fiction, however. The real John Nash was nothing like this Hollywoodized, cleaned-up version.

  • hungry4life

    How real is our own personal reality? When viewed through someone elses eyes even our most significant moments, friendships and accomplishments can seem insignificant or "bad". We must do what John did and decide who and what we truly value. And then be true to ourselves, even though it may mean that we have to experience pain as we give up ones we love but who are not healthy for us.

    I thought it was sad that the one person he was close to never even existed. He had been so totally alone until meeting Alicia.

    I still smile at the scene where they throw the desk out the window, his actions must have been viewed as very odd by all the others.

    My life in the Borg seemed to encompass an accurate worldview and true purpose yet looking back now it was a narrow minded illusion. Is my life any different today? I would like to think so but who really knows. After all it is only *my* reality viewed through my personal biases, and experiences. I guess the important thing is to continue to grow and to continually fight off our complacency and fear of change.

    I especially agreed with John when he asked to be allowed to teach and was told that he was still haunted by his past. He responded that the past haunts all of us. That is so true,we have all had experiences and memories that will haunt us if we allow them too, we must be strong enough to work around them even when we can't get over them completely. The past has it's value, we must acknowledge and accept it while continuing to move forward.

    I realize that this is the Hollywood version of the truth. When I first saw it I had no idea that it was even based on a true story. However I do not feel that this diminishes it's message (even with the sappy love speech). The acting and make up were great. At the end it said that John and Alicia still live in Princeton, New Jersey, but in one of the other threads someone said they were divorced. Does this mean they live there just not together?

    D Wiltshire: Yes, I beleive that focusing on any one thing excessively can be problematic. Keeping balance in our lives is crucial for our well being. This reminds me of a line from a favorite poem that says "even sunshine burns if you get too much".

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