Crisis of Conscience

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  • misguided
    I read the book before he passed. I emailed him to thank him. He took the time to email me back, to my astonishment (as Blondie states). He was an amazing and humble man, and his book a legacy to all those who really want to know "the truth about the truth."
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I once spoke to him before his book came out. I forget what we talked about but I was impressed by his humility.
  • smiddy

    Thank you for reminding us of those facts blondie.

    Oh ,by the way , Welcome to the board , WasOnceBlind


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    ...and yet Ray Franz was still a human being, with human failings and human weaknesses.

    For example, in spite of his prominent position in the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, he claimed to have NO KNOWLEDGE of the pedophile issue within the WTB&TS, none. Hell, I was only a Ministerial Servant in the Middle Village congregation in Queens NY, in the early 1970s and I knew of a pedophile in that congregation! Yet, ten years later, a "member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses" has NO KNOWLEDGE of the issue.

    I find that impossible to believe, but I was never a member of Ray's fan club - I left the WTB&TS before he did and didn't feel I "needed" him for anything, historically or theologically.

    So - don't fall into the trap of HERO WORSHIP. If you feel compelled to worship a human, worship me in secrecy and in silence. I have been "present" aboard the invisible UADNA orbiting space platform since 1913 and will continue to watch over you, protect you, and provide un-dreamed-of wealth for those who keep faith with me.

    Rule #1 - Don't talk about the Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America (UADNA) or any of the blessings it has brought you. Do not point to the UADNA invisible orbiting space platform!

    Rule #2 - When you are "ripe" a UADNA operative will contact you.

    Rule #3 - Don't "push the river"! Those most eager to join UADNA are NOT READY! Keep rule #1!

    Most people can't follow simple instructions.

  • Athanasius

    Though I never met Ray Franz face to face, I did talk with him on the telephone a couple of times, and found him to be knowledgeable and very humble. Moreover, it was reading Crisis of Conscience that freed me of JWism.

    But in answer to Nathan Natas's comments, I served as an elder from 1972-1984, served on many JCs, and none dealt with child abuse. Nor, with one possible exception, was I aware of any such cases in our congregation and circuit. I'm not saying that pedophilia didn't exist back then. Because in 1983 an elder in our congregation mentioned during a BOE meeting that the teenaged step-daughter of a new convert left the new JW family to live with her non-JW father because of abuse. However, the elder said he doubted there was abuse. The elder claimed the girl didn't like living in a restrictive JW home, and wanted the freedom to do what worldly kids did, and alleged abuse in order to leave. Since no JC action was taken, the matter was dropped and not investigated and HQ was not informed.

    By the way the family didn't remain JWs for long, and left the congregation a year later. I don't know if the stepdaughter rejoined her mother and stepfather after the family exited the

    It would be interesting to poll the elders and former elders on this forum who served on JCs during the time that Ray Franz served on the GB and see how many dealt with pedophile issues in their congregations and whether or not the Branch was informed.

  • notsurewheretogo
    Read Don Cameron's Captives to a Concept after it...after reading both books if anyone is still mentally in I'll eat my hat...
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    NotSureWhereToGo - I have already eaten your hat. In fact, I didn't just EAT your hat, I ATE THE HELL OUT OF IT. ...and you are correct about Don Cameron's book, an excellent piece of original writing that inspired me to produce my own excellent line of Replica Reprints. Let the reader use discernment.

    Athanasius - I'm glad you didn't go so far as to offer that because YOU (as an elder) were UNAWARE of the Pedophile Paradise Problem, it DID NOT EXIST. As I stated, I was merely a Pioneer/MS in the Middle Village, Queens, NYC congregation in the early 70s when the "accelerated" TRUTH book program was hauling in tons of hippies and neo-Jesus-freaks. One was a young man who made "rapid spiritual progress" and soon began his own little project, offering "free home Bible studies" to CHILDREN of parents who had no personal interest in "spiritual things" - that's an excellent technique for finding neglected kids - and he would have his "studies," and get friendly with the kids, and start bringing them to Sunday meetings - he ALWAYS managed to arrive just a bit late so that he could parade his team of 6 or 8 victims from various families to the front row in the Hall - the row that was almost always unoccupied - it provided him with great visibility in front of the congregation.

    After carefully cultivating a friendship with those he found most vulnerable, he would suggest to the parents that he could take the kid "camping" over a weekend - you know, to get the kid off of their parent's hands for a while. It was during these "camping" trips that unspeakable things would happen and "secrets" would be made, with threats of dire circumstances should the child reveal those "secrets".

    But then one child DID reveal the secrets, and the ruse was discovered, and NOTHING WAS DONE TO THE PERPETRATOR. A few years later he married a new Sister who had young children from her previous marriage. The ELDERS never told her a word about the monster who would be sharing her bed.

    He's gone now; vanished, as though resting in an unmarked grave somewhere. Hastened before the "throne of judgement"...

    It is easy to see how elders "never heard of such things" - it is because they refused to ever speak of such things. Gotta protect Jehovah, y'know!

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