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    Thanks for the clarification. It sounds like you made your decision and acted on it accordingly. Good luck with the rest of your life. Be glad you got out before another decade or two. Many of us were slow about awakening.

    The greatest revenge is living a happy and successful life!


  • Tenacious
    but at the same time asked to have all my privileges revoked, no longer a reader, no talks, no prayer at meetings, no doing the sound, etc. They were fine with that but clearly disturbed at my though process.
    Wow, this sounds so much like my situation as well. I also gave up everything as I knew I would one day have to walk away. The same as you bradford, brothers started shunning like I had the plague. It was actually quite funny to see. Up until a few weeks ago, many have started to come around again. I look at them with a big smile that says 'get the **ck away from me you hypocrite'. Those that do manage to make it to the handshake get a very cold icy look that has 'you two-faced **cksucker' written all over it. These are people that are supposed to be there for you when you are down spiritually but instead they chose to look good by avoiding you. What a sick **cken organization. Just sick. I hope one of these days to put up my story when I have plenty of time on these boards. Welcome and hope everything turns out good for you and your wife. I wish you the very best my man. I truly do.
  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Bradford -

    Hearty congratulations on being decisive and just leaving a dishonest cult ...'' ...dismiss that which insults your soul.'' as Walt Whitman wrote.

    You have done it correctly and they are already now in no legal position to interfere with your freewill exercise of your freedom of religion. With just a pen and a piece of paper you have preempted their DF DA bullshit machine.

    You must never meet with them in any form of hearings or committee from this point onward.

    The most recent Elders Manual 2010 warns '' Is the person willing to meet with a committee thus acknowledging the congregations authority?''

    You are now free by your own hand from the day you wrote that letter - don't screw it up by ever acknowledging again the elders former ecclesial authority. A second letter warning them that any announcements respecting your name will be grounds for legal action ( violation of your right to religious freedom) Lawyers have a uniquely compelling way of phrasing these matters on letterhead.

    Oh, and feel free to attend public meetings if you wish, you are now a part of the community at large. Say hello to old friends and chat - it will really piss them off!

    Well done young man -you have my admiration !

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    Good to meet you Bradford!
  • smiddy

    Welcome bradford , interesting post , remember , the only power they have over you is the power you give them.


  • steve2

    A warm welcome from New Zealand.

    Brains and servitude don't mix.

    You were doomed from the day you started to think for yourself.

    The orgamization's brand of "truth" cannot withstand scrutiny. Once scrutinized, the Watchtower house of cards easily collapses.. It 's not that Witnesses don't want to defend their beliefs - it's more the case that they can't.

    Small wonder that the most zealous Witnesses are often not that bright and that the doubters within the organization are often really good thinkers who try but fail to reason their way through a thicket of manmade teachings masquerading ss "the truth".

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    This is just a belated welcome. I recognized a lot of my story in your story-except my mom never faded. My aunt did a few times and she is now pioneering and dragged her poor husband into the religion.

    Anyway, I welcome you and congratulate you on choosing a compatible spouse! All good things to you now that you have made your escape.

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