I need your help please...Where is it where the Society is referencing...

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    This thread has the makings of a great article.

    Jesus evidently meant it is OK to question your religion.

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    WT 70, pg 375 - 9


    Many persons seem to think that they should continue to be what they are, at least as far as religion is concerned. They will tell you that their parents and grandparents belonged to a certain religion, and they see no reason for making a change.

    .......For example, now that you are an adult, you do not accept every idea expressed by older persons with the same faith as when you were a young child. When they make statements today, you probably weigh in your mind the accuracy of their statements, and you choose to agree or disagree. Continually you gain more knowledge and experience, and so you are better equipped to reach conclusions that are based on facts. In school you doubtless learned things that were not known when your grandparents went to school. If the information is accurate, then you would not want to ignore it and cling to the idea taught to a previous generation.


    Even in the field of religion there are reasons for at least considering a change in viewpoint. Many persons are the product of a religious organization that took them in hand at infancy, shielded them carefully from any teaching other than its own, and prescribed exactly what they must believe. They were indoctrinated, as were their parents and grandparents, in a set of age old traditions.

    But now, an educated, awakened population is asking searching questions about church traditions, creeds, dogmas and rituals, and the answers are not always satisfactory.....

    Naturally, intelligent persons begin to wonder how many other religious teachings of their church can really stand up to a thorough examination with the help of the Bible. Would it be reasonable to shun an investigation of this kind for fear that other awkward questions might arise, that one might discover more reasons for making a change in religious viewpoint? The Christian apostle Paul recommended to fellow worshippers "Make sure of all things; hold fast to what is fine. (2 Thess 5 : 21)

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    This is great stuff - particularly shadow's post with the reference to meat on Fridays...I've been looking for that!! Thanks!

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    The June 1, 1988 WT article does contain some real gems ...

    "In many places, people fear some form of divine reprisal if they change their religion." That certainly sums up a reason why many Witnesses, disgusted with the tight control over their lives by the GB and congregation elders, still remain in the organization: the dreaded fear pumped into them by The Watchtower of dying at Armageddon ... a fate carefully conocted by Judge Rutherford through selective use of OT and NT texts. Is it any different from the old Catholic fear of burning hellfire?

    "Another fear that holds people back from changing their religion is the fear of displeasing a mate or parents." In that incestuous world of the Witnesses, how many would gladly turn their back on the whole stinking mess were it not for the entanglements of family and the threat of shunning?

    "Another reason why many are afraid to change their religion: the universal dislike of being viewed as different."It certainly takes courage to walk out the Kingdom Hall door and never go back. The easy thing to do is stay. Meetings, conventions and witnessing become an addiction, a dependence and deciding you want to break free and reclaim your life will certainly make you stand out among your former "friends" in the congregation. You can guarantee they'll be dining out for years on the story of how you just left without offering an explanation.

    "“That is the way those people smile at a stranger, when they spot him at any of their meetings.” That much they do. It would sicken me to see the vindictive, judgmental tyrants at the Kingdom Hall turning on the big Kingdom Smile when newcomers arrived. Hypocrites!

    "People with personalities formerly as different as sheep are from wolves are now getting along peaceably in the Christian assembly. Some were moody and unfriendly, short-tempered and even fearful. Others had trouble with depression. Still others were introverted and self-centered. Many had bad habits to overcome." Really? Those words seem a pretty accurate description of the people I used to sit in the Kingdom Hall with every Sunday for 20-something years. Life as a Witness only made them worse.

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    Good thread!

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